Dear Colleagues It is our great pleasure to inform you that the Language Research Center, Faculty of Languages and Translation welcomes submission of abstracts (no more than 250 words) for the 12th Research Day to be held on Thursday, 23/07/1438 H (20/04/2017) Your paper should focus on the following areas: ü  Language teaching, learning, and acquisition in general ü  Technology-enhanced learning and teaching ü  Learner-centered teaching ü  Bilingualism, code-mixing and code-switching ü  Translation Studies ü  Literature in language teaching Please send your abstract to no later than 14/4/1438 (12 January 2017) We are eagerly looking forward to your response. Dr. Ismail AlRefaai Director, Language Research Center
On Monday, December 12, 2016, Mr. Erich Beer presented a talk on Reading Comprehension in the seminar series presented by the Language Research Center of the Faculty of Languages and Translation. The talk was titled: "From the top of a pole 100 feet high, how do you step forward? Questions, Intuitions, and pointers relating to Reading Comprehension." Mr. Beer started by explaining the intriguing title and then proceeded to share the result of a poll he had conducted. Two groups had been surveyed: male English teachers teaching in the faculty (Graiger and Mahala campuses) as well as graduating male students (Graiger). The two groups had been given the same questions except for one question which was only applicable to teachers. The questions dealt with reading habits and views regarding the teaching of reading comprehension respectively.  Mr. Beer compared and contrasted the responses from the two groups for the information of the audience. Sometimes the views of the groups compared favorably, and at times they were widely divergent. The presentation was followed by a lively question-and-answer session. The session ended with two gift vouchers being given away to the first two members of the audience who could answer a competition question correctly. It was an engaging and thought-provoking presentation enjoyed by those present. Mr. Beer's Appraisal He writes: "The presentation (material) itself did not tie all the loose ends together, and there wasn't a proper interpretation of the survey result. Also, the preamble was disproportionately long. There were, however, several thought-provoking ideas that could be pursued, and a few innovations besides. I am an artist, not a scientist - I love (creative) ideas and get deliciously overwhelmed by them. They are like the contents of Pandora's box let loose - I simply can't nicely and neatly box them in, so I just let them be. Overall, I think, it was an engaging presentation, even somewhat entertaining." Date: 12/12/2016 Source: MD Adil Multimedia contribution: MD Sirajul Islam
  A university-wide Blackboard training webinar was held by E-Learning Supervisor at the Faculty of Languages & Translation, Mohsin Khan, on Sunday, December 11, 2016. The webinar was organized by the E-Learning Deanship. It took place as part of a university-wide strategy to increase the amount of instructional design training to enhance the virtual learning environment for both students and teachers alike. The primary objectives of the webinar were to improve student learning, engagement, interaction, and most importantly quality learning. These objectives were solidified by the core foundation of the program that participants would be expected to be able to:   Create content items to present a variety of learning activities to enhance student learning; Deliver authentic assessments to evaluate student knowledge in a variety of meaningful ways; Effectively utilize select collaboration tools to increase student engagement by providing a means to share and create knowledge.   The webinar was an overall success and will continue successively in future webinars as a part of the Tamkeen Team efforts. Special thanks to E-learning Deanship Training Manager, Mohammed Jarallah, and ELC General Coordinator, Javed Ahmad, for their holistic support.   Update: Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan received a certificate of appreciation for his efforts at the beginning of the Spring 2017 Semester. The certificate was presented to Mr. Khan by the E-Learning Deanship.   Date: 12/11/16 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation Multimedia Contribution: Javed Ahmad
Dr. Abdul Wahed Al Zumor spoke about the improvement of lecture comprehension in content courses in the English department curriculum at a seminar organized by the Language Research Center of King Khalid University held on November 28, 2016. In his presentation, which was titled A Metacognitive and Social Strategy to Improve Content Lecture Comprehension, he highlighted a recently completed research project he had conducted on how content lectures can be made more comprehensible to learners. He first showed the distinction between direct and indirect strategies, the latter of which involves metacognitive and social strategies. He, while pinpointing some fundamental issues related to learning and teaching at the Faculty of Languages and Translation that requires proper investigation, showed student grade statistics, problems associated with comprehending lectures, and challenges involved relating to students’ perspective.  Through his research study, he illustrated remarkable results that showed students’ attitude towards content lectures, problems with teachers and teaching, and learners’ lack of background knowledge. We are proud to announce that Dr. Al Zumor's research has been accepted for publication as a chapter in a book likely to be published soon by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The session was followed by a very interactive question-answer session. Some of the participants also shared their views on effective lecture comprehension. The seminar was an overall great success.   Date: 11/28/2016 Source: MD Adil
The Faculty of Languages and Translation (FLT) held an online examination via Blackboard for the 1st Midterm Exam in the Phonetics (ENG 312) course for over 120 students. Dr. Yahya Asiri developed, conducted, and supervised the CBT, which was the first Phonetics Online Assessment. Dr. Yahya Asiri asserts that this type of testing creates a vibrant atmosphere and increases awareness of technology for our students. Mr. Mohsin Khan, E-Learning Supervisor, stated, "This examination shows our commitment towards efficient use of E-Learning in the classroom." It is worth noting that offering the assessment via Blackboard produced many benefits, namely: -Immediate viewing of unofficial scores on screen -Individual headphones and volume control -Testing in comfortable, computer-equipped testing stations -Enhanced test security Special thanks to the E-Learning Unit of the FLT and the English Language Center for extending their full support and cooperation. Additionally, the FLT would like to extend their sincerest appreciation to Mr. Abdulaziz Salafi, Mr. Faruquzzaman, Dr. Irshad, Mr. Nasir Mahmoud, Mr. Rana Nadeem Mr, Sayed Karim, Mr. Shafiq, and Mr. Shahrear Talukdar for their participation as invigilators in the examination. Date: 11-22-2016 Source: Mohsin Khan
The Faculty of Languages & Translation organized an orientation program for female teachers in the month of November. The FLT has redoubled its efforts to ensure the outcomes of the education system are in line with not only the market needs but also educational outcomes of the NCAAA. The FLT is committed to providing opportunities for all through high-quality training. As such, a series of presentations aligned with our desired educational outcomes were delivered as mentioned below: · Mr. Abdullah Al-Rezgi, Director of the English Language Center, welcomed all participants and expressed his deep appreciation for the orientation program. · Dr. Ismail Al-Refai, Director of the Language Research Center, gave a detailed presentation on the center and its primary activities. He encouraged teachers to participate in the center activities actively. · Dr. Abdul Wahid Al Zumor, Head of the Academic Development & Quality Unit, FLT, presented a detailed presentation on NCAAA and the quality unit. · Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, Supervisor of E-Learning Unit, FLT, gave a detailed presentation on "Incorporating Blackboard in EFL teaching." · Mr. Jawed Ahmed, ELC General Coordinator, talked about the course plans of the 011/012/015  courses. The program was an overall success. Date: 12/2/2016 Source: E-Learning Unit
Our honorable Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, was invited as a guest to The First International Conference on EFL Education (ICEFL 2016) held by the University of Jeddah at the Hilton Hotel from 10/31/2016 to 11/02/2016. The theme of the conference was to expand research and improve outcomes. Its main aim was to put together a fantastically diverse and engaging collection of speakers and workshops to enhance English Language teaching practices. The Faculty of Languages and Translation bolstered ICEFL’s 2016 main aim through the excellent representation of Vice Dean, Dr. Ali Alamir, and Lecturer, Mr. Md Mahmudul Haque. The papers presented at this conference were: 1-"The L2 Performance of Saudi EFL Students in the Online Environment."      Dr. Ali Hussein Alamir 2-"The Catalytic Role of Metacognition in Fostering Learner Autonomy for ESL/EFL Learners."      Mr. Md Mahmudul Haque Several Keynote speakers and distinguished L2 researchers from different parts of the world including the USA, the UK, and Canada participated in this conference! A large number of Saudi educators from various Saudi public and private sectors (e.g., students, teachers, advisers, educational consultants, and managers) as well as both domestic and international educational institutions and publishers attended this event and participated in some of the allocated training workshops for this conference. Some of our MA students also attended several sessions of this conference. The event was an extraordinary scientific occasion for EFL Education in Saudi Arabia and Saudi EFL Educators in particular. Participants enthusiastically enjoyed the conference papers, presentations, and workshops. They expressed their exhilaration to be part of this event and have the opportunities to learn more about the current issues of Saudi EFL education and research. Moreover, they were overjoyed by the ability to share their constructive comments and feedback with keynote guests and other respected participants. Overall, the conference was a comprehensive event which contributed to the collective understanding of creative teaching and active learning.   Date: 11-9-2016 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation
The Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship of King Khalid University has concluded a workshop with the College of Languages and Translation. The workshop was titled "English Language Teaching Difficulties" and was presented to the English teachers of in the Asir region. It is important to note that it was attended by more than 30 male teachers and 25 female teachers.   The symposium was presented by the Dean of the College of Languages and Translation, Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi, Vice Dean, Dr. Ali Alamir, in addition to Dr. Ismail Al Refai, Prof. Al Habib Hussien Abdessalam, Prof. Salim bin Dawood, and Dr. Eyhab Badr Al Din. The participants thanked the College of Languages and Translation for this initiative, and they clarified that they are looking forward to more communication in a way that serves the educational process and teaching the English Language as well.  Date: Fall 2016 Source: King Khalid University, Media Center
Mohsin Khan is the 1st Master Reviewer for Quality Matters at King Khalid University. In addition to serving as a QM Online Facilitator, Peer Reviewer, and E-learning Supervisor for the Faculty of Languages and Translation he delivers workshops which detail the methods behind Applying the QM Rubric. Mr. Khan always strives to assist faculty members and has coached numerous faculty members on how to obtain QM certification for their respective course. Mr. Khan has mentioned that “QM enhances the learning environment for students and teachers alike.” Mr. Khan is no stranger to improving the learning environment for students as he has already received an International QM Certification for the ENG 011 Intensive English Course. The Faculty of Languages and Translation is one of the leading colleges at King Khalid University that strives for E-Learning excellence through the Quality Matters program. Date: 11-2-2016 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation
Dr. Eyhab Bader Eddin delivered a presentation organized by the Language Research Center of King Khalid University held on October 31, 2016. In his presentation, which was titled Translation of Death as Clad in Euphemisms, he shared his views on the role of euphemism in language translation. First, He defined euphemism, orthophemism, and dyphemism, and highlighted the reasons for using euphemistic language and the area in which euphemism addresses. He also showed the use of euphemism in Arabic. He particularly used the word ‘death’ to compare English with Arabic regarding the use of euphemism. Dr. Eyhab, while talking about the problems translators usually encounter, said that when it comes to translation, a target language counterpart or an equivalent should be sought first. He concluded that priority should be given to meaning over form if an equivalent is not found. It is worth mentioning that the Al Samer campus also joined the seminar through video conferencing. It was an overall successful and interactive session.   Date: 10-31-2016 Source: MD Adil Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam
The E-Learning Unit organized a teacher training workshop on "Online Assessment" on Thursday, October 27, 2016, at 11:00 am in E-Learning Lab A/3/86. Dr. Muanassir Alhamami, Chairman, welcomed all participants and expressed his deep appreciation for workshops of this nature, which further academic development. Mohsin Raza Khan, E-Learning Supervisor, conducted the workshop and gave a detailed presentation on online assessment. In his presentation, Mr. Khan pointed out the different types of Blackboard tools that could be used for online assessment. Mr. Rizwan Ghani focused on online testing methods. Date: 10-24-2016 Source: E-Learning Unit Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam
Mr. Mahmudul Haque delivered a presentation organized by the Language Research Center of King Khalid University held on October 24, 2016. In his presentation, which was titled Learner Autonomy and Metacognition in Language Learning, he shared his views on how Learner autonomy facilitates the learning process. First, He defined autonomy and highlighted its brief history. Then he showed its role in language learning. He pointed out the fact that learners need to be independent in terms of choosing materials and learning strategies. He also focused on the roles a teacher can play to help learners become autonomous. Second, he talked about metacognition, a mental process involved in various learning styles. He concluded that successful learners are more self-reliant and autonomous learners at the same time are more metacognitively aware.    It was an overall successful seminar. Date: 10-24-2016 Source: MD Adil Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam
Under the supervision of Dean, Dr. Abullah Al Melhi, and  Khalid Asiri, Deputy Director of the Mahala Campus English Language Center, the E-Learning Unit of the Faculty of Languages and Translation organized an “E-Learning Awareness Overview” for instructors on October 24th, 2016.  Mr. Abdullah Al-Rezgi, Director of the English Language Center, appreciated the efforts of the E-Learning Unit. He extended this full support and guidance for making the orientation week a great success. Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, E-Learning Unit Supervisor, said that the aim of the awareness overview was to make new instructors aware of the necessity and practical use of the King Khalid University E-Learning Portal (Blackboard). Date: 10-24-2016 Source: E-Learning Unit Multimedia Contribution: E-Learning Unit
On October 17, 2016, the English Club held a reception in the foyer of the college to spread awareness of the many activities planned for the semester. The event was lively, and it attracted over 50 students to register with the club and upcoming events. Vice Dean, Dr. Ali Alamir, Chairman, Dr. Munassir Alhamami, and Abdullah Asiri, Student Activities Director, presided over the event and interacted with all those in attendance. Date: 10/17/2016 Source: MD Siraj Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam
Nabeel Ali Sayed, FLT MA student, delivered a presentation on an empirically based Etymological study organized by Language Research Center on October 17, 2016. In his presentation titled Arabic is in English, he delved deeper into the genetic relationship between English and Arabic. The primary objective of the study was to enhance Saudi EFL learners’ ability to understand English. He identified some related issues such as Arab EFL learners’ lack of interest and motivation in learning English.  He emphasized the fact that English is not a new language and it can be acquired by Arab EFL learners quickly. At the same time, English native speakers can learn Arabic easier than before. While focusing on etymology, he gave some interesting example words which were borrowed from Arabic. Finally, he maintained that etymology plays a vital role in developing students’ language skills.     It is worth mentioning that two female campuses (Al Samer and King Abdullah Road) also joined the seminar through video conferencing. Date: 10/17/2016 Primary Source: MD Adil Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam
Three members of the Faculty of Languages and Translation presented an International Testing Training Seminar (focused on STEP, TOEFL, and IELTS) at Abha Technical College from 9-12 October 2016: Dr. Salem bin Dawood, Mr. Matthew Glotfelter, and Mr. Erich Beer. The training sessions were attended by a group of thirteen English Language Center staff members. Mr. Glotfelter and Dr. Salem devised the program. Besides providing training and sharing relevant information and tips about the examinations in question, Mr. Glotfelter was responsible for all the practical arrangements, which he did with his customary flair for efficient organization; he also acted as an anchor throughout, providing continuity. Dr. Salem wooed the audience with his signature charm and extensive knowledge and expertise. The attendees were an exceptional group, teachers themselves, and therefore also accomplished learners. Their high proficiency level in English struck us. They were responsive and very focused, with an excellent interpersonal dynamic, making it an unqualified pleasure to teach them. I could not help thinking that, had I had to handpick a group of candidates for this training seminar, I would have picked exactly those who attended of their own volition.  At the closing ceremony, the Vice Dean for Quality Control, Dr. Moalwi Naser Alawaad, assisted by Mr. Ahmed Najji, Chairman of the English Department, handed thoughtful and exquisite gifts to the three presenters, duly captured in photographs, after which all present posed for a photo session. The training seminar was a resounding success, and word of it has spread far and wide. It was an enriching, enjoyable and memorable experience for all concerned. The English Language Center at the Technical College envisages future cooperation with the Faculty of Languages and Translation at King Khalid University and is planning several follow-up initiatives to build on the momentum generated by this seminar. There is no doubt in my mind that they will follow through on it and that the efforts will yield sterling results. Date: 10/14/2016 Primary Source: Erich Beer Multimedia Contribution: Erich Beer
Under the supervision of Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi, Dean, the E-Learning Unit organized an “E-Learning Awareness Campaign” for level 1 ELC students from Sunday, October 9, 2016, to Thursday, October 13, 2016.  Dr. Ali Alamir, Vice Dean, and Mr. Abdullah Al Rezgi, Director of the English Language Center, appreciated the efforts of the E-Learning Unit. They extended their full support and guidance for making the orientation week a great success. Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, E-Learning Unit Supervisor, said that the aim of the awareness campaign was to make new students aware of the necessity and practical use of the King Khalid University E-Learning Portal (Blackboard) and the general pattern of the Exams. “The students were contacted in their respective classrooms on a one-on-one basis and introduced to the E-Learning system,” said Mr. Khan. Furthermore, Mr. Rizwan Ghani, ELC Coordinator, delved into the pattern of the exams by giving an in-depth presentation. Mr. Abdullah Al-Zubain, E-Learning Specialist, Dr. Khaled Mohanna, E-Learning Team Manager, and all Level 1 ELC teachers helped to make this awareness campaign a success. Date: 10-13-2016 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam  
An orientation session was held on 10/12/2016 for the new faculty members that have joined the college this semester. This event, held each academic year in the first semester, provides our new colleagues with an overview of the various divisions and offices of the FLT, as well as making clear the rights and responsibilities that apply to every faculty member. The keynote speakers are listed below: Topic Time Speaker Welcome & Introductory  Speech 12: 00 - 12:10 Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi Dean, FLT   Administrative & Academic Issues 12: 10 - 12:15 Dr. Ali Alamir Vice Dean, FLT   Quality and Development System 12: 15  - 12:20 Dr. Abdul Wahed Al Zumor Head of the Quality Unit, FLT   Research Center 12: 20  - 12:25 Dr. Ismael Al Refai Director, LRC   Faculty Affairs 12:25   - 12:30   Mr. Mathew Paul Faculty Representative   LEP 12:30  - 12:35   Dr. Charles Forman Director, LEP   Students' Affairs 12:35  - 12:40   Dr. Basim Kanaan Student Advisor   E-Learning and Blackboard 12:40   - 12:45 Mr. Mohsin Khan E-Learning Supervisor   Questions & Refreshments 12:45- 1:00 New Faculty Members     In his introduction to the event, Dr. Al Melhi gave a heartfelt welcome to the new faculty and spoke about the central role that they will serve in the College.  He went on to express his vision of the college as like a family of trusted colleagues that value each other as both competent professionals and as friends, who help and support each other every day.  Further presentations were made on the following topics: ·         The Goals and Activities of the College ·         The Language Research Center ·         The E-Learning Deanship  ·         The Language Enhancement Program. ·         Use of the Blackboard online educational platform. After the close of the orientation, all the participants were invited to enjoy refreshments and lively conversation, as an example of the atmosphere of collegial friendship and conviviality that the Dean and all faculty members truly enjoy and admire. Date: 10/12/2016 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation Multimedia Contribution: Mohsin Khan  
Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, E-Learning Supervisor, shared his ideas about e-learning and EFL teaching at the seminar organized by the Language Research Center of King Khalid University held on October 3, 2016. In his presentation, which was titled Incorporating Blackboard in EFL Teaching, he highlighted the effective use of Blackboard by integrating current EFL teaching methods. He emphasized the need for incorporation of some techniques in EFL teaching. He also put emphasis on the necessity of understanding the implication of modern technology and utilizing its potential in teaching English as a Foreign Language. While talking about it in detail, Khan showed the difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning and explained how different skills could be efficiently handled using Discussion Board, Blogs, and some other features. The seminar was very informative and interactive, and successful. Date: 10/3/2016 Source: MD Adil Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam
The Faculty of Languages and Translation arranged The Student Orientation Program (Fall 2016) for new students on 9/28/2016.  Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi, Dean, graced the occasion as both a presenter and chief guest. The program was presented by Dr. Ali Alamir and Hassan Costello whom both stressed critical points to success which included but were not limited to helpful resources, policies, and general strategies. Also, all faculty members present delivered valuable speeches and wished a bright future for them. Towards the end of the program, a general Blackboard training session was offered by Mr. Mohsin Khan. In conclusion, Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi emphasized the importance of joining an orientation program as it benefits the new students with lots of information. He also advised them to be serious with their studies right from the beginning. He hopes that the new students will enjoy studying here and graduate with excellent results. Date: 9/30/2016 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam