Program Learning Outcomes

Updated Program Learning Outcomes

Knowledge & Understanding

K1: Recognize English language sounds, structures, and meanings
K2: Define the major key terms within the fields of linguistics, applied linguistics, literature, and translation.
K3: Articulate and explain the major theories, techniques, strategies, principles, and practices within the field of English language.


S1: Apply effective listening strategies to understand the main ideas of complex spoken texts on both concrete and abstract topics.
S2: Speak fluently and spontaneously to communicate information, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs on a wide range of topics.
S3: Read, analyze and critically evaluate a range of familiar and unfamiliar texts.
S4: Write well structured, complex academic texts on a wide range of topics.
S5: Apply deep knowledge of the form, meaning, and usage of the English language to a variety of oral and written texts.
S6: Critically analyze and appreciate a range of literary genres such as poetry, short stories, novels, and plays.
S7: Translate and interpret a variety of text types appropriately and accurately from English< >Arabic.
S8: Apply theories and practices of teaching and learning a foreign language in relevant contexts.
S9: Apply research skills and methods to conduct research and deliver effective presentations.


V1: Critically reflect on their own learning experience of English and explore options to continuously develop their competence as critical readers, writers, and communicators.
V2: Communicate appropriately, accurately and effectively as intercultural leaders and contributing citizens Who value diversity
V3: Work ethically and professionally as a part of a team or independently.


Graduate Attributes

Graduate Attributes

1. Effective communication in English
2. Advanced knowledge of English language and Literature
3. Creative, analytical, interpretive, reflective and problem-solving skills
4. Academic integrity and ethically-based research skills
5. Time management, teamwork, interpersonal and IT skills.

Last updated: 3/21/2021

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Approval Information for BAEP Mission Statement and Program Learning Outcomes

Council: Department of English

Reference No.: 11

Date: March 29, 2021