Program Learning Outcomes


K1. Define concepts related to specific areas of English, linguistics, applied linguistics, English/ Arabic Translation and British/American literature

K2. Identify certain aspects of language and culture

K3. State major theories and principles in the specialized areas of study

K4. Demonstrate knowledge of analytical skills in linguistics and literature

Cognitive Skills

C1. Explain various aspects related to literary, linguistic and translated texts

C2. Apply procedures involved in critical thinking and creative problem solving

C3. Analyze texts and data in a specialized field

Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility

IR1. Show cultural awareness and understanding

IR2. Work effectively in groups and exercise leadership when appropriate

IR3. Practice responsibility in personal and professional relationships.

IR4. Perform ethically and consistently with high moral standards

Communication and Information Technology Skills

CS1. Communicate effectively in written and oral English

CS2. Use information technology to access, organize and share knowledge


  • Not Applicable for this program

Last reviewed: 1/1/2019

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