English Department Mission, Vision, and Goals


The English department aspires to be an outstanding quality benchmark in the specialties of English language studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.


The Department of English is dedicated to offering high-quality education in English language disciplines and to cultivating in the students and the faculty the relevant 21st century skills and research competencies that will empower them to serve the local and regional communities.


  1. To foster an educational environment characterized by the best practices of teaching and learning of English language to undergraduate and graduate students.
  2. To equip the students of English language programs with in-depth knowledge, advanced skills, and professional values that will empower them to meet the modern global needs and expectations.
  3. To develop students' competencies in research and inquiry methodologies that enable them to generate original knowledge in the fields of English language studies.
  4. To serve the local community with professional consultation and training relevant to English language teaching and learning, and emerging language issues.

Last updated: 4/25/2021

For any questions, comments, or inquiries: Dr. Munassir Alhamami

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