Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics Program

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics program offers a single major track program “Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics." The program duration is two years divided into four levels (semesters). The program has been following NCAAA standards and aspires to obtain accreditation in the near future. Currently, there are no alternative tracks offered by the department. 


There are a number of economic, social and cultural reasons, technological developments and national policy developments which rationalize our M.A. in applied linguistics. Amongst which are the following:

  1. To fulfill the need for qualified Language lecturers at different Saudi universities and colleges;
  2.  To provide opportunities for students wishing to continue their postgraduate studies in the field of Applied Linguistics in the Kingdom;
  3.  To qualify the local cadre linguistically and culturally; to communicate with other cultures and highlight the role of Islam and the Kingdom worldwide;
  4. The Kingdom's needs for qualified experts in language planning and cross-cultural communication;
  5. Addressing linguistic problems facing educational institutions and other sectors. 

Last reviewed: 1/1/2019

Source: Dr. Ismail Khalil Al Refaai, MA Programs Coordinator

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