Mission, Goals, and Objectives (BA)

University Mission

To provide an academic environment conducive to teaching, learning, scientific research and social contribution through optimal utilization of our resources.

Faculty Mission

The Faculty of Languages and Translation is committed to providing high-quality education in the fields of languages and translation, conducting relevant and creative research that fulfills current global and local demands, and offering community service in the concerned fields.

Department of English Mission

The Department of English is dedicated to offering high-quality education in English language disciplines and to cultivating in the students and the faculty the relevant 21st century skills and research competencies that will empower them to serve the local and regional communities.

English Program Mission

Developing students' academic and professional competencies in the English language, enabling students to improve their research skills and academic writing proficiency. Our ultimate goal is effective contribution in serving our community in the fields of English language studies and translation.

Program Goals and Program Objectives

Program Goal 1: Achieve higher proficiencies in all English language skills - Develop language skills utilizing theory and expanding the scope of knowledge and skills through practical language usage (written and spoken).
Program Objective 1.1: To equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills of translation, literary appreciation, linguistics, and applied linguistics analysis.
Program Objective 1.2: To encourage the students to use modern technology that can enhance their English language education.
Program Goal 2: Critical Thought and Inquiry - Introduce fundamental academic research skills and develop critical thinking skills for academic inquiry and higher-level problem-solving.
Program Objective 2.1: To enable students to analyze and interpret academic research.
Program Objective 2.2: To foster students' autonomy and creativity in learning.
Program Goal 3: Provide superior English language training to help students acquire the skills necessary to achieve their goals - Ensure that graduates have the requisite language skills and abilities for academic and professional endeavors in the current and anticipated labor market.
Program Objective 3.1: To produce competent and professional English language users.
Program Objective 3.2: To prepare well-qualified graduates who can effectively meet the community needs for English language specialists, practitioners, translators, teachers, and researchers.


Last updated: 3/29/2021


Approval Information for BAEP Mission Statement and Program Learning Outcomes

Council: Department of English

Reference No.: 11

Date: March 29, 2021