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A premier platform to monitor, rate books, and engage with fellow readers.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


Read Theory

A comprehensive online tool offering reading activities across all levels, designed to bolster reading proficiency in an interactive, educational environment suitable for school and home.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


English Online

Engage with detailed articles suited for intermediate learners. Each article concludes with unfamiliar words accompanied by concise definitions. Topics span from Travel to Politics, ensuring a varied reading experience.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


American Stories for English Learners

Learners Delve into the written and auditory world of 57 short stories by renowned American authors such as O. Henry and Mark Twain. These stories, modified for English learners, are best suited for those with an intermediate grasp of the language. The accompanying audio is articulated slowly and clearly for comprehension.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


ESL Fast

A curated website providing reading resources tailored for varied proficiency levels.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


The Learning Network

A segment of The New York Times tailored for those still mastering English. Articles are in American English, fostering interaction and learning. It also promotes engagement via comment sections designed for language learners.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


GCF Learnfree

A versatile platform for vocabulary expansion, reading practice, and grammar revision.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


Easy reading

A specialized segment of the British Council, catering to teens and adults. It offers articles across three proficiency levels, followed by comprehension and grammar exercises, all available for download.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


Teaching Kids News

A platform providing contemporary articles that are pertinent and captivating. Each article is supplemented with writing/discussion prompts, grammar highlights, and reading insights.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
10 Starfall Reading Practice Designed primarily for budding readers, its main objective is to instill a passion for reading and writing, preparing young minds for academic challenges. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
11 BrainPOP Reading Skills A tool aiding students in effectively reading and comprehending stories. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
12 Free Reading An open-source reading program emphasizing early literacy development. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
13 English Language Centre Study Zone A comprehensive resource offering five levels of lessons focusing on reading comprehension and composition, enriched with grammar tutorials. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
14 Reading Rockets A prominent media literacy initiative elucidating the reading journey of young children, highlighting challenges and offering solutions. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
15 Reading Eggs: Learning to Read for Kids A dynamic platform that makes the reading journey captivating for children through interactive games and activities. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
16 ReadWorks A provider of superior content, tools, and resources to enhance reading comprehension. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
17 British Council: Reading

A dedicated space to hone reading skills, structured as per the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). It encompasses diverse texts and exercises tailored to the learner's proficiency.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
18 epic! A repository offering a plethora of high-caliber books, cherished by children up to grade 6. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
19 TOEFL iBT Reading Section

A segment evaluating the ability to read and interpret academic materials. It comprises two passages, each followed by 10 questions, aimed at assessing comprehension in an academic context.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
20 British Council: Free Online IELTS Reading Practice Tests Prepare for the IELTS Academic or General Reading test with these comprehensive materials, structured to be completed within an hour. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque

Seminole State College of Florida

ESOL Reading Comprehension Practice Tests A platform offering reading comprehension exercises for all levels, fostering language proficiency and comprehensive understanding. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque
22 Agenda Web Reading Comprehension A versatile platform that offers reading comprehension exercises for all proficiency levels. Users can explore a range of interactive reading exercises, fables, short stories, and English e-books tailored to enhance comprehension skills. Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


Last Reviewed: 9/28/2023

Contributor: Dr. Munassir Alhamami