Translation Unit

An Overview of Translation Unit (TU)

In addition to the remarkable developments that King Khalid University has witnessed in academic, scientific, technical and societal areas, to name a few, the Translation Unit (TU) is another of the university’s initiatives aligned with the Kingdom’s Saudi Vision 2030. This unit was established with the aim of enhancing the university’s role in sharing knowledge, scientific and otherwise, by making it accessible to other cultures and languages. It also highlights the remarkable status of the Arabic language, and reinforces its role in a global civilization.

In the light of the recent ambitious strategic plan for the Asir region, it is anticipated that this unit will help to achieve the objectives of this strategic plan by disseminating Asir authentic culture globally through translation. TU aspires to enrich the translation content regionally and globally, thus reinforcing the Saudi identity.


The TU mission is to establish leadership and excellence in the field of translation, thereby contributing to strengthening the role of the university in sharing scientific and other knowledge locally, nationally and globally. By translating research outputs and materials from Arabic into other languages, the local community of Asir is served, creating a spirit of community partnership and preparing qualified personnel to meet the needs of the region.


The TU is a pioneer in the development and enrichment of different forms of translation locally, regionally, and globally. By establishing, producing and transferring knowledge by means of translation, the TU contributes to highlighting and reinforcing national, Arabic and Islamic identities and their undeniable roles in global civilization.


Academic excellence, cooperation, community partnerships, professionalism, respect and responsibility


  • To enrich the content of translation locally, regionally and globally, thus highlighting Saudi, Arabic, and Islamic identities.
  • To develop all forms of translation and establish their vital roles in enriching and disseminating knowledge among languages and cultures.
  • To contribute to achieving the goals of the strategic development plan for Asir Region by spreading its authentic culture regionally and globally via translation.
  • To provide professional training for local translators, particularly in the promising tourism sector.
  • To encourage university staff to translate books in their fields of study, thus supporting the movement of translation nationally, and building up researchable scientific terminologies, glossaries, and corpora in a range of academic disciplines.
  • To help achieve the university's vision through the translation of books, references, and academic research papers, thus raising the academic ranking of KKU locally, regionally and internationally.
  • To organise professional and scientific translation seminars, workshops, forums, and conferences, to which will be invited distinguished and influential scholars specialising in translation studies.
  • To establish community partnerships aimed at achieving one aspect of the university’s mission: to provide outstanding community services

Date: 2/1/2022

Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation

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