Administrative Staff Contact Details

Administrative Staff

Name Position Extension Office
Mr. Saad Al-Amri Faculty Administration Director 7170 A/3/122
Mr. Ali Faris Assistant Faculty Administration Director 7347 A/3/108
Mr. Khalid Al-Asmari Secretary to Dean 7292 A/3/119
Mr. Hussein Al-Qahtani Secretary to Chairman 8562 A/3/125
Mr. Saeed Abu Midrah Secretary to Vice Dean 7258 A/3/121
Mr. Sultan Hasher Faculty Affairs Unit 8249 A/3/110
Mr. Mohammed Al-Subaee Faculty Affairs Unit 7931 A/3/110
Mr. Faisal Al-Delaim Administrative Communication 8949 A/3/109
Mr. Mohammed Al-Asmi Administrative Communication 8949 A/3/108
Mr. Mohammad Al-Asmari Educational Equipment and Maintenance Unit 8909 A/3/128
Mr. Ibrahim Al-Mazni Inventory and Storage Unit 7606 A/3/128
Mr. Badr Al-Harbi Faculty Correspondent



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