Alumni Unit



Contribute effectively towards enabling graduates to meet the labor market requirements.


To create opportunities for alumni to communicate effectively with faculty and enhance the professional profile of members to meet or exceed labor market requirements.


1. Configured to the development and refinement of scientific and research skills for our alumni.

2. Strengthen relations and closer communication between the college and its graduates through various means of communication.

3. Communication with public and private institutions to facilitate the training of students and create job opportunities for graduates.


1. Training courses, workshops, seminars and scientific meetings for students.

2. Construction of an information database for our alumni.

3. Continuing Professional Development for alumni by organizing specialized training courses, seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Administrative Structure

Women's Campus Administrative Structure

Webinar: Future Job Prospects for English Graduates


Webinar: The Impact of Voluntary Work in Improving Human Capabilities: Chances and Experiences


Webinar: The Transition From a Classroom to a Workplace: Professional Skills for Translation Students

Summer Course Experience: Monash University

Last updated on 2/13/2022