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Embracing gamification in language learning, Duolingo stands out in the digital realm. The platform, characterized by its engaging interface featuring mascot “Duo,” offers a dynamic learning system peppered with rewards, badges, and commendations. Learners can navigate through exercises spanning basic to advanced levels across 43 different languages, 39 of which are for English speakers.

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English Grammar

Catering to both novices and seasoned learners, this platform is a reservoir of knowledge on English grammar. From punctuation to business writing, the site covers a broad spectrum. For queries beyond the content

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Diving deeper into the realm of English grammar practice, provides a plethora of printable lessons spanning diverse topics. It's not just about practice; the platform fosters a community where learners can converse with peers and native tutors, ensuring round-the-clock support.

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Grammarly Handbook

A stellar resource, the Grammarly Handbook is teeming with comprehensive lessons on English grammar, supplemented with myriad examples.

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Beyond a conventional website, Grammarly revolutionizes writing with its automated proofreading and grammar coaching functionalities. The platform ensures impeccable writing by flagging spelling, grammar, and plagiarism concerns, proving indispensable for writers of all calibers.

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Embark on a journey to hone your grammar skills with Grammarbook. The platform presents grammar rules, intriguing quizzes, and a blog replete with writing insights, making it a favorite for many.

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Writing Forward

Birthed from a writer's passion, this blog is a goldmine for creative writing and grammar enthusiasts. Its diverse posts coupled with exercises enable writers to unleash their creativity while refining their skills.

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English Page

Although its organization might not mirror other platforms, English Page excels in its grammar exercises. Unlike conventional exercises, learners are urged to pen down answers, facilitating practical application. The site's grammar rules section, bolstered with sample sentences, is a valuable addition.

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Daily Grammar

Aesthetically simplistic, Daily Grammar is a powerhouse of lessons on sentence components. Learners can either follow a structured learning path or utilize the glossary for specific terms. Additionally, the platform's blog offers lessons and practice exercises, ensuring constant engagement.

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EF: Education First

Organized and insightful, EF's grammar guide serves as an ideal starting point for understanding speech components. The guide, characterized by concise rules and abundant example sentences, is tailored for those who prefer learning through examples.

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For learners who gravitate towards a classroom setting, Alison offers an array of free online courses focusing on English grammar. A distinctive feature is the interactive element, allowing students to engage with peers and educators. This offers an avenue for queries and collaborative practice.

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English Grammar 101

Tailored for those with an affinity for textbook learning but reluctant to carry a physical copy, English Grammar 101 emulates a textbook structure. Each lucid lesson concentrates on a singular topic, complemented by exercises to gauge comprehension. The modular design ensures effective learning even within brief intervals.

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5 Minute English

While its design may be modest, 5 Minute English provides succinct yet lucid grammar explanations. The platform sheds light on frequently queried grammar topics, such as the distinction between “listen” and “hear.”

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Grammar Bytes

Offering digestible grammar lessons, Grammar Bytes blends effective teaching with a touch of whimsy. Learners can engage with interactive exercises, fortified with clear explanations and daily grammar workouts via their Twitter handle.

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“Learn English” on FluentLand disseminates daily lessons, tips, and resources tailored for adult learners. It stands as a holistic platform for enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills in English.

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16 Oxford Practice Grammar This platform encourages learners to undertake tests to ascertain the grammar areas requiring attention. Dr. Amal Metwally
17 English Craze

As a grammar tutorial hub, EnglishCraze is dedicated to proliferating grammar knowledge, encompassing various facets like parts of speech, tenses, and voice forms. It seeks to enlighten students eager to delve into English grammar.

Syed Arslan
18 EasyBib Grammar and Plagiarism Conceived by seasoned librarians and writers, this content aids students in honing research and writing prowess while emphasizing ethical writing. Heather Campbell, Community Manager | EasyBib, a Chegg service
19 BibMe Grammar and Plagiarism This tool empowers students to refine their papers, enhancing credibility. It offers guidance across diverse citation styles and provides insights to elevate sentence structure, punctuation, and overall writing style. Heather Campbell, Community Manager | BibMe, a Chegg service
20 TypeCite: Free Citation Generator Designed with expertise in Harvard, MLA, and APA citation systems, TypeCite offers precise citations. While accessible to all, it also extends a subscription-based service for advanced citation needs. Rosie Newman | TypeCite Representative
21 GrammarHow Spanning diverse areas from English grammar to idiomatic expressions, GrammarHow has curated a treasure trove for learners aspiring for holistic language development. Martin Lassen | Founder & CEO
22 Grammar Hub This repository boasts meticulously curated grammar guides and more, all crafted by eminent industry professionals and English professors. Daniel Armstrong | Director, Co-founder


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Contributor: Dr. Munassir Alhamami