Guidance and Counselling Unit


Provide high-quality guidance services to develop the student abilities and skills to a level that distinguishes them in the labour market.


Advising and guidance is a supervisory service aimed at identifying the obstacles to the educational process and providing students with distinctive skills in the labour market and community service.


The Guidance and Counselling Unit  at the Faculty of Languages and Translation seeks to actively contribute to the achievement of King Khalid University’s aspirations. We aim to facilitate the graduation of generations of mature youth provided with the knowledge and self-confidence to participate effectively in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 through the following:

  • Assisting the student in preparing and planning for his/her scientific future;
  • Helping students discover their abilities, identify their goals, and helping them to have appropriate plans to suit their needs;
  • Directing the student with the instructions that lead to excellence and improve the student's ability in self-direction, which means reaching a high-level of awareness of his/her conditions and surroundings;
  • Making positive changes in student behavior toward the value of his/her culture and develop his/her skills in decision making;
  • Assisting the student in choosing proper courses according to his/her academic plan;
  • Providing preventative and developmental advising services that achieve efficiency and productivity in regards to educational achievement;
  • Protecting the students from academic failure, giving attention to students who have low-grade point averages, and conducting surveys to find out the causes.

Men's Campus Administrative Structure

Women's Campus Administrative Structure

Last updated: 11/6/2019

Source: Dr. Dawood Mahdi, Academic Advisor