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A comprehensive platform boasting over 100 million sentences, Fraze.IT is helpful for budding and professional writers, college students, and ESL educators alike.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


Purdue Owl


The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University stands as an invaluable asset for writers, catering to every proficiency level.



Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


Writers Digest University


A pinnacle for online workshops, Writers Digest University offers specialized courses spanning fiction, non-fiction, short stories, and freelance domains.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


The Blue Book of Grammar


This exhaustive resource encompasses grammar rules, quizzes, and informative blogs, ensuring continual refinement of writing skills. Regular updates offer fresh insights into common grammar challenges.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


750 Words


Promote the habit of daily writing with this unique platform, challenging users to produce three pages daily.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


Cambridge English


The Write & Improve feature offers instant feedback, facilitating the honing of written English through iterative practice.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque




A haven for writers of diverse qualifications, this community provides space for work display and storage, with accessibility to all.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


The Story Kitchen


An innovative platform, it prompts young writers to complete stories initiated by pre-selected elements, emphasizing characters relatable to youth.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque




Enhance your writing with Netspeak, offering phrase suggestions based on frequency, thereby ensuring optimal word choice.

Mohammed Mahmudul Haque


IPA Typewriter



An essential for phonetics educators, facilitating the addition of phonemes to educational materials.

MD Adil


11 Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/ A vast repository of stories optimized for mobile reading, Wattpad ensures uninterrupted access, irrespective of connectivity. Joanna Smith
12 123 HELPME https://123helpme.com/ A comprehensive writing assistant, it identifies and rectifies grammatical, logical, and clarity errors, elevating the quality of the text.
Catherine Meyer 
13 Citation Plagiarism Checker https://www.citationmachine.net/grammar-and-plagiarism/ Beyond facilitating ethical writing by detecting unintentional plagiarism, this tool also offers grammar suggestions.

Heather Campbell, Community Manager | BibMe, a Chegg service


14 Citation Generator https://www.citationgenerator.com/ This student-developed tool streamlines citation creation across diverse formats, with features like smart auto-fill and an ad-free experience. Hans 'John' Ferdinand @ ETHZ
15 Cite This For Me https://www.citethisforme.com/us/citation-generator/chicago Cite This For Me stands as one of the foremost citation tools, aiding users worldwide in generating impeccable citations promptly. Heather Campbell, Community Manager | BibMe, a Chegg service
16 Chegg Writing Spell Checker https://www.chegg.com/writing/features/essay-spell-checker Eliminate spelling and grammatical errors, ensuring polished and accurate writing. Heather Campbell, Community Manager | BibMe, a Chegg service
17 Chegg Writing Grammar Checker https://www.chegg.com/writing/features/grammar-check

A robust tool targeting grammatical errors to elevate the quality of your written work.

Heather Campbell, Community Manager | BibMe, a Chegg service
18 Hand Hobbies: A Resource Guide to Writing Basics https://www.wristbandexpress.com/content/hand-hobbies-a-resource-guide-to-writing-basics/ This exhaustive guide traverses the entire writing process, from ideation to proofreading, while directing to additional resources. Michelle Bass and her awesome Junior Scouts
19 TypeCite: Free Citation Generator https://www.typecite.com/ Designed by citation experts, TypeCite offers precise citations across Harvard, MLA, and APA styles, with an enhanced subscription service for extended features. Rosie Newman | TypeCite Representative
20 Coupon Follow: Money-Saving Guide for Authors and Writers https://couponfollow.com/research/money-saving-guide-authors-writers/ This comprehensive guide aids writers in skill development, manuscript formatting, proposal drafting, and more. Marissa Miller
21 A College Student’s Guide to Literary Terms & Devices https://academicinfluence.com/resources/degrees/students-guide-literary-terms-devices Equip yourself with literary terms and devices to enrich both reading and writing experiences. Melissa from Maine
22 GrammarHow https://grammarhow.com/ A holistic platform, GrammarHow addresses English grammar, writing tips, and colloquial sayings, simplifying language learning. Martin Lassen | Founder & CEO


Last Reviewed: 9/28/2023

Contributor: Dr. Munassir Alhamami