Leadership Team

Men's Campus Leadership Team

Position Name Email Office KKU MySite
Faculty Dean Dr. Abdullah Mofareh Almelhi amalmelhi@kku.edu.sa A/3/119 amalmelhi
Faculty Vice Dean Dr. Yahya Mohammad Ahmad Asiri ymasiri@kku.edu.sa A/3/122 ymasiri
Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Coming Soon      
Faculty Vice Dean for Academic Development & Quality Dr. Abdulrahman Almosa almosa@kku.edu.sa A/3/092 almosa
English Department Chair Dr. Munassir  Alhamami mhamame@kku.edu.sa A/3/126 mhamame
Language Research Center Director Dr. Ismail Khalil Alrefaai ikalrefaai@kku.edu.sa A/3/033 ikalrefaai

Women's Campus Leadership Team

Position Name Email Office KKU MySite
Faculty Dean Dr. Abdullah Mofareh Al-Melhi amalmelhi@kku.edu.sa A/3/119 amalmelhi
Assistant Dean Dr. Suad Muhammad Saeed Nugair ssaeed@kku.edu.sa TBD ssaeed
Vice Assistant Dean Dr. Salma Muslih Soai Al-Qahtani  smosleh@kku.edu.sa  C/2/14 smosleh
Department Supervisor ٍMs.Safia Ali Muhammad Asiri sfeyh@kku.edu.sa  C/1/31 sfeyh
Higher Studies Supervisor Dr. Shunaifa Muhammad Beeshi Al-Qarni  shnifa@kku.edu.sa C/3/25 shnifa
Activities And Social Services Coordinator Ms.Nora Muhammad Oad Al-Qahtani norhaw@kku.edu.sa C/2/2 norhaw
Academic Advisor Ms.Sara Abdullah Saeed Al-Ateeq  sotaig@kku.edu.sa C/1/23 sotaig
IELTS Coordinator Mrs.Anjum Mesho Abdulrazzaq Anas aans@kku.edu.sa  A/3/17 aans

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