Vision, Mission, and Objectives (MAT)


The Master of Arts in Translation at King Khalid University aims at becoming regionally and internationally recognized for its excellence.


A program that offers an in-depth critical understanding of Translation issues related to local needs with a global perspective.

The Target Population of the Program

  1. Graduates from language departments
  2. Teaching assistants in language departments
  3. Teachers of English at public schools

Aims of the Program

  1. Preparation of professional translators who are able to pursue their higher studies in the field of translation with confidence.
  2. Preparation of proficient translators who can export the achievements of the Islamic civilization to the non-Arabic speaking world.
  3. The graduation of proficient translators to meet the requirements of the market especially in the public sectors, hospitals, courts, ministries, embassies, as well as the private sector.
  4. Activation of scientific research in both its theoretical and applied fields in translation.
  5. Keeping up with the scientific and technological advancement as far as translation is concerned.
  6. Being able to answer and refute the accusations leveled against Islam and responding to the misconceptions spread about it through ignorance and lack of knowledge, so that the truth about Islam is revealed in its purity and applicability to all peoples at all times.
  7. Contributing to the Arabicisation of university education.
  8. Providing access to the new sources and resources of knowledge by making them available to Arabic speakers.

Admission Terms/Conditions/Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements stated in the Unified Regulations for Postgraduate Studies in Saudi Universities, the applicant has to:

  1. Have a B. A. in language;
  2. Achieve the required score in any one of the following standardized tests:
    • TOEFL Test with a minimum score of (IBT 75);  
    • STEP (85); 
    • IELTS (06). 

The Department Council and College Council have the right to add any condition as necessary.

Last reviewed: 1/1/2019

Source: Dr. Ismail Khalil Al Refaai, MA Programs Coordinator

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