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Listen and Write

An interactive platform dedicated to enhancing listening skills, Listen-and-write permits users to listen to select videos, fostering auditory comprehension.

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Abbreviated as 'English Listening Lab Online', this platform provides a repertoire of auditory content for learners.

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Yabla English Video Immersion

Yabla is distinguished by its authentic approach, offering English videos articulated by native speakers, enabling learners to assimilate real-world language nuances.

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Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Curated by ESL instructor Randall Davis, this intricate site offers a plethora of listening quizzes.

The content is meticulously categorized into Easy, Medium, and Difficult tiers. Every quiz is supplemented with a pre-listening activity, followed by a multiple-choice assessment based on the auditory content and concluding with post-listening exercises. It's a holistic listening solution for learners of all levels.

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Talk English

This platform encompasses listening lessons spanning from Basic to Advanced levels. It avails students the opportunity to listen, quiz themselves, and even delve into the audio script. While accessible without charge, an optional fee unlocks unlimited content, including numerous dialogues across proficiency levels. Furthermore, mobile applications are available for both iPhone and Android.

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ESL Fast

Offering a vast collection of 365 stories, ESL Fast caters to intermediate learners. Each narrative is complemented with audio, a vocabulary list, and a range of exercises, including dictations. A notable feature is the ability to engage in virtual dialogues with an AI named "Mike".

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Great American Speeches

A reservoir of American eloquence, this site grants access to a hundred paramount speeches that have shaped the nation's discourse.

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English for Children

Tailored for youthful learners, the site presents succinct listening audio tracks. Each is accompanied by a reading text, vocabulary essentials, and user-friendly exercises. An additional website extends more listening exercises.

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Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups

An invaluable resource for group listening exercises, especially in classroom settings.

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Breaking News English

A treasure trove for classroom-based listening activities, complete with comprehensive lesson plans, guides, and student materials.

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An innovative tool that challenges learners to translate English audio to their native tongue. While it supports a myriad of Indo-European languages, it also includes Arabic.

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A comprehensive educational platform, engVid offers English tutorial videos, quizzes, and practice exercises for a holistic learning experience.

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PBS Video

A valuable auditory resource, PBS Video provides an insight into American and British articulation, catering to both educators and learners. Several videos, especially those under the FRONTLINE segment, come with pedagogical accompaniments and textual transcriptions.

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An abundant reservoir of English listening content, TalkStreamLive features a multitude of streaming radio talk shows.

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Complementing the offerings of TalkStreamLive, TalkZone offers yet another expansive network of online talk radio broadcasts, enhancing one's auditory exposure to the English language.

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A platform that lets users stream premium podcasts from their favored stations.

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A global online radio platform, Live365 presents a directory of stations spanning the globe, making diverse listening experiences accessible.

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Poetry Out Loud

An initiative to celebrate poetic heritage, Poetry Out Loud is a nationwide arts education endeavor. It not only champions the exploration of renowned poetry but also provides complimentary educational tools and hosts a lively recitation contest for high school students. The program endeavors to nurture public speaking prowess, foster self-assurance, and familiarize students with both historical and contemporary literary nuances.

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Poetry Archive

The Poetry Archive is a trove of auditory treasures, featuring poets audibly presenting their creations.

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Often one of the primary recommendations for English learners, excels in delivering outstanding lessons and materials.

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Listen A

A meticulously organized platform, Listen A offers listening content arranged alphabetically. A unique feature is the accompanying quiz post each listening session.

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TED talks Synonymous with pioneering ideas, TED Talks disseminates insights from the renowned TED Conference to the global audience, free of charge. The platform showcases thought leaders, trailblazers, iconic personalities, and brilliant minds, each sharing their groundbreaking ideas in concise 18-minute presentations. Furthermore, TED Talks are shared under the Creative Commons license, ensuring open access. Dr. Wafa Saud


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Contributor: Dr. Munassir Alhamami