In order to fulfill its commitment to preparing students for the future job market in all programs at the Faculty of Languages & Translation, we are pleased to announce the availability of virtual work experience programs that give students a genuine career advantage with Fortune 500 companies on the Forage platform. The thematic areas of the initial virtual work experience programs offered are as follows:

1. Banking
2. Strategy
3. Human Resource
4. Client Research and Problem Identification
5. Logical Thinking in the Workplace (critical thinking)

The virtual internships, which you can place on your resume and LinkedIn, are self-paced and entirely online. If you are interested, please click sign up in the link below to enroll in the online courses.

Thank you,

Alumni Unit
Faculty of Languages & Translation

Click on the photo below to be redirected to a recording of the self-paced webinar.


Dear MA Students, ‏

The Vice Deanship of Quality and Development at the Faculty of Languages and Translation is pleased to organize a two-part workshop on how to use SPSS in analyzing research data delivered by Dr. Mazeegha Al- Tale'. ‏

You are all invited to attend this workshop. Attendance will be considered as part of course activities. ‏

The theoretical part will be on Thursday, 19/5/2022, from 7 pm to 8 pm. The practical part will be on Tuesday, 24/5/2022, from 7 to 8 pm. ‏

Topic: Research Data Analysis Using SPSS Program (Part One) ‏

Time: May 19, 2022, 7 pm Riyadh

‏Zoom Meeting Link


‏Meeting ID: 961 4440 9226 ‏

Passcode: kK9GZx

دكتورنا الفاضل تحيه طيبه

مرفق دعوه للملتقى اذا احد احب يشارك يرسل لي البوربوينت قبل نهايه دوام الاربعاء الاسبوع الحالي

If you would like to present please contact Dr. Mowaffaq Momani Respectfully yours, Dr. Mowaffaq Momani Project Manager - Joint programs King Khalid University Emails: Mobile Phone Numbers: KSA: (+966) 548901303

تتقدم وحدة الترجمة بالشكر والتقدير لجميع المشاركين والمشاركات في مسابقة الترجمة بعنوان "تُرجُمان الوطن"

ويسعدنا في وحدة الترجمة الإعلان عن الفائزين بالمراكز الأولى كما يلي:

•لمركز الأول (٥٠٠ ريال): عبدالعزيز العلاوي / ماجستير ترجمة 

•المركز الثاني (٤٠٠ ريال): عبير الأسمري / ماجستير ترجمة 

•المركز الثالث (٣٠٠ ريال): جميلة سناجل / ماجستير ترجمة

•المركز الرابع (٢٠٠ ريال): وعد آل مانع / ماجستير ترجمة 

•المركز الخامس بالتشارك (١٠٠ ريال لكل منهما): نجود عسيري / ماجستير ترجمة + أسماء الفريح / ماجستير ترجمة 

تهانينا للفائزين، وسيتم التواصل معهم بخصوص موعد التكريم بإذن الله تعالى. 

كما سيتم تكريم جميع المشاركين والمشاركات في هذه المسابقة بشهادات شكر وتقدير حرصاً من الوحدة على تحفيز الجميع لتطوير قدراتهم ومهاراتهم في مجال الترجمة.&

والله وليُّ التوفيق.

The Translation Unit (TU) would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to all participants in the translation competition titled "The Translator of the Nation". TU is pleased to announce the winners as follows:

  • 1st place (500 SR): Abdulaziz Alalawi / MA Translation
  • 2nd place (400 SR): Abeer Alasmari / MA Translation
  • 3rd place (300 SR): Jamilah Sanagul / MA Translation
  • 4th place (200 SR): Waad Al-Manea
  • 5th place (shared) (100 SR each): Nujud Aseeri & Asma Alfuraih / both MA in Translation

Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners, and they will be notified of the award ceremony very soon (Allah's willing).

As a token of appreciation, all participants will also be awarded with certificates of participation, thus motivating them to develop their talents & skills in the field of translation.

Date: 3/9/2022

Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation