Virtual Teaching of English Courses: Ways to Make it Effective


Ms. Amatul Hafeez Alvi conducted a workshop on Virtual Teaching of English Courses: Ways to Make it Effective, at a webinar organized by the Language Research Center on September 16, 2020.


Alvi started the session by stating the objectives of the webinar – creating interactivity, reliability in building online learning experiences, forging online connections to build the teacher-learner relation, the application of key principles to create teaching presence and avoidance of "turning off" students to the online paradigm.


First, she emphasized the proper knowledge a teacher should have about instructional technology. She specifically focused on being familiar with devices, the Internet, e-content, related problems associated with the course website and connectivity. She also added the importance of having proper knowledge of how to handle problems with students and troubleshoot them efficiently.


Secondly, Alvi emphasized the teacher's presence. She focused on how a teacher should introduce himself or herself by, for instance, uploading an introductory video or emailing. Doing this, at least, can create an impression that the teacher is around. A teacher should use both synchronous and asynchronous communication methods to connect with the learners, she added. Furthermore, she stressed on being a reflective teacher who is able to evaluate himself or herself after what he or she has done.


Alvi also talked about fostering communication by being a role model, allowing students to know each other, creating a safe learning atmosphere and social opportunities, and emphasizing teamwork. Clarity and simplicity are also essential in designing a course, said Alvi. A teacher must be able to consider different learning styles, she added. For example, there are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners who acquire things differently.


Alvi concludes that a teacher must keep on searching for new ideas, for example, from the Internet and colleagues.


The webinar was very interactive and a great success with the active participation of both male and female faculty members from the Bachelor of Arts in English program.

Date: 9-16-2020

Source: Mohammad Adil Siddique

The Faculty of Languages and Translation (FLT) organized an orientation program for the new students of the Faculty on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. A large number of new students attended the program with great zeal and enthusiasm. Dr. Ahmad Ismail Assiri, the Dean of the Faculty of Languages & Translation, welcomed students and encouraged them to participate in all the academic and extracurricular activities of the college. He introduced students to all the learning resources, facilities, and academic support and advised them to utilize them. He extended all types of support to students for their academic success. Dr. Ibrahim Alasmri, Vice Dean of Educational Affairs & Development, introduced students to the structure of academic programs of the college, especially the BA program. He highlighted the importance of learning English language and its job prospects. Dr. Eisa Asiri, Chair of Translation Department, presented an overview of the translation program. He said that the translation specialization is the demand of today’s job market. He also guided students how they could become successful in the translation field. Dr. Dawood Mahdi and Dr. Karem, Academic Advisors, familiarized students with university rules and regulations. They also informed students about their rights and duties, code of conduct, procedures on grievances, students academic support and services. Mr. Mohsin Khan, E-Learning Unit Supervisor, introduced students to online resources of the college and the university. He also familiarized students with the Blackboard. Mr. Faisal Fadil, Student Activities Director, highlighted the importance of extracurricular activities and mentioned how these activities help students to achieve their academic goals. At the end of the program, Mr. Osama Alqahtani, Student In-charge of English Club, presented a brief introduction of the English Club and encouraged students to join the club. Expressing satisfaction and happiness, Muhammed Asiri, a freshman, said that I was delighted to attend this orientation program. It gave me valuable information for becoming successful in my academic life. I enjoyed the program a lot. I would like to thank all the organizers of this program. Date: 9/11/2023 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation
  To serve the rapidly growing translation sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Khalid University unveils the "Translator of Tourism" competition. This competition stems from a profound desire to illuminate the unique cultural wealth of the Asir region for international audiences. Students are tasked with the challenging yet rewarding endeavor of translating pivotal tourism materials from Arabic into English, French, and Chinese.   In a bid to activate the community partnership between male and female faculties of translation at a national level, the initiative has thrown open its gates to students majoring in languages and translation from universities all over Saudi Arabia. The crux of this contest is not merely competition but to channel the potential of budding linguistic maestros. The end goal? To enhance Asir's tourism allure and present its rich cultural mosaic to the world.   Spotlight on Diverse Streams of Translation in Tourism The competition houses three prime categories where participants can display their prowess: 1. Translation: Crafted written translations that encapsulate the essence of the Asir region. 2. Interpreting: Real-time translation showcasing the dynamic nature of languages. 3. Audiovisual Translation (AVT): A fusion of visuals and language to create an immersive tourist experience.   The competition holds more than just a certificate or medal; it's a testament to King Khalid University's commitment to societal involvement. It's perfectly in sync with the broader vision to strategically promote Asir. Dr. Ahmed Ismail Asiri, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, is an avid advocate. He emphasizes the synergy between the contest and other major projects, like the English translations of three seminal books. These works, undertaken as part of master's graduation projects, offer an in-depth look into the region's societal, architectural, and cultural intricacies.   Dr. Eisa Asiri, Head of the Translation Department, reiterates the institution's dedication. "Beyond our pedagogical commitments, we take immense pride in being linguistic ambassadors for this national endeavor, aligning seamlessly with the Kingdom's vision for an inclusive tourism milieu."   A jury comprising renowned scholars from King Khalid University's translation department, coupled with distinguished external judges, will rigorously evaluate each submission. The most outstanding participants from every category will earn accolades and attractive prizes. For those keen on delving deeper into the competition's specifics, additional details can be accessed [here]. Date: 8/7/2023 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation
The Faculty of Languages and Translation held a farewell party on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, for a number of faculty members who ended their term of service in the college. The party was held in the FLT meeting room on the S Floor and was attended by a large number of faculty members, staff, and students. The Dean of the College, Dr. Ahmad Ismail Assiri, delivered a speech in which he thanked the departing faculty members for their years of service to the college. He said that they had made significant contributions to the college's academic programs and had helped to create a positive and supportive learning environment for students. A number of the departing faculty members also spoke at the party. They expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to have worked at the college and said that they would miss their colleagues and students. They also wished the college continued success in the future. On this occasion, the Dean of the College presented the departing faculty members with commemorative plaques of appreciation. He wished them all the best in their future endeavors. The farewell party was a joyful occasion, and it was a chance for the faculty and staff to express their appreciation for the departing colleagues. The party was also a time for the departing faculty members to reflect on their years at the college and to share their memories with their colleagues and students. Quotes from the Farewell Party "I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked at this college for the past years. I have learned so much from my colleagues and students, and I will miss them all very much." - Prof. Mahmoud Radwan "I am proud of the work that I have done at this college. I have helped to train many students who have gone on to successful careers in translation and interpreting. I am confident that the college will continue to thrive in the years to come." - Prof. Habib Abdesslem. The party ended with a round of applause for the departing faculty members. The faculty and staff then enjoyed a buffet lunch together. At the end of the party, there was a group photo taken of the departing faculty members with the Dean and other members of the faculty. The photo was a memento of the party and a way to commemorate the departing faculty members' contributions to the college. The party was a success, and it was a fitting way to say goodbye to the departing faculty members. They will be missed by their colleagues and students, but they will always be remembered for their dedication and service to the college. Date: 6/21/2023 Source: Faculty of Languages and translation
The Translation Unit of the Faculty of Languages and Translation organized a discussion session entitled “Research Methodologies in Translation Studies” on May 30, 2023. The session was delivered by Dr. Eisa Asiri, Chairman of the Translation Department and the Assistant Professor in translation studies. This particular session which was specially designed for Master of arts in translation students, was moderated by two promising MA in translation students; Ms. Atheer Abdullaziz Alqahtani and Ms. Haya Abdullah Alqahtani. The discussion session provided answers to questions revolving around the definition of translation studies, the definition of research methodologies in relation to translation studies, overviewing central principles and terms in researching translation, and the constituents for writing research report in translation. Dr. Eisa Asiri began the session with providing an overview of translation studies and research methodologies. He indicated that the central considerations of translation studies are “the process, the product, the participants, and the context”. He has also highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of translation studies as a discipline which relates to a wide range of disciplines, such as linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies, anthropology, psychology, and sociology, among others. Dr. Asiri provided an overview of the definitions of research methodologies in relation to translation studies. He further highlighted the research methodologies incorporated into translation studies. He indicated that there are four observations when it comes to research methodologies in translation studies. These are “the texts that are the product of translation, the translation process, the participants involved in that process, and the context in which translations are produced and received”, Dr. Eisa said. He added that it is important to stress that whether a piece of research is process, product, participant or context-oriented is not determined by the methodology itself or even the source of data but by the ultimate aims of the researcher, and when investigating any of these aspects of translation it is impossible to exclude from view all the others there is inevitable overlap”. Dr. Asiri then investigated the central principles for researching translation with reference to types of research. Following this investigation, there was an overview of product-oriented research, process-oriented research, participant-oriented research and context-oriented research, where Dr. Asiri accentuated certain features of the research in translation characteristics and quality. At the end of the session, Dr Eisa Asiri discussed the components of research studies and the preparation of research in translation. He has also provided some important references for research in translation studies. The presenter took live questions from the audience and the discussion was enriched and awareness increased across different aspects relating to translation studies. The session which was attended by almost 60 staff members and MA in translation students from different universities in the kingdom was informative, very engaging, and overall a great success. For your convenience, we have converted the PowerPoint slides from the meeting into a PDF file, which you can access by clicking here. Furthermore, if you wish to revisit the proceedings of the event, we have made available a recording in MP4 format, which you can view by clicking here. Date: 6/4/2023 Source: Dr. Amal Metwally, Translation Unit Coordinator - Female Section
قامت وحدة التوجيه والإرشاد بكلية اللغات والترجمة حفل تكريم للطلاب المتفوّقين والمثاليين، يومنا هذا الثلاثاء بتاريخ ١٠ من ذي القعدة ١٤٤٤ بقاعة الاحتفالات بالكلية؛ بحضور سعادة عميد الكلية د. أحمد بن إسماعيل عسيري.. استهل الحفل سعادة د. داود أحمد مهدي مشرف وحدة التوجيه والإرشاد بالكلية مرحبا بسعادة العميد وأعضاء هيئة التدريس والطلاب ومن حضر من أولياء أمورهم مهنئا المتفوقين بما أنجزوه من درجات عالية وموضحا لهم مجالات الفرص المتاحة لهم بعد التخرج وداعيا لهم بأن يكونوا في أرقى المراتب والمناصب في خدمة هذا الوطن.. ثم تحدث سعادة عميد الكلية مرحبا بالحاضرين ومهنئا  الطلاب على التفوّق، مؤكدا لهم على أهمية المحافظة على تفوّقهم، ومقدمًا لهم نصائح توجيهية… عقب ذلك تم فتح المجال للأسئلة والاستفسارات والملاحظات التي تدور في أذهان الطلاب… تلا ذلك توزيع شهادات التكريم  لعدد ١٠٧ طالبا حاصلين على تقدير ممتاز  وممتاز مرتفع و عدد ١٠ طالبا مثاليا لم يتغيبوا عن أي محاضرة في الفصل الثاني من هذا العام الجامعي. Date: 5/31/2023 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation