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Intensive English Program Placement Test


Placement Test Dates for Registered Candidates in the Intensive English Program  

Upon the directives of the University Rector and in cooperation with the Faculty of Languages and Translation, the University Vice-Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research will hold an Intensive English Language Program. It will have a three-month duration and begin in the late afternoon going into the evening from 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

The placement test dates will be as follows:




Male Lecturers and Teaching Assistants 

Faculty of Languages and Translation

Building A, Floor 3, Room 60

Tuesday 13/05/1439

04:00 pm

Female Lecturers and Teaching Assistants 

College of Education

Building 3, Floor 2, Room 28 

Tuesday 13/05/1439

04:00 pm




FLT to Hold Massive Open Online Course (IELTS)



Under the supervision of the Dean, Dr. Abullah Al-Melhi, the Faculty of Languages and Translation in partnership with the British Council and the Deanship of e-Learning will hold an online training course via the KKUx Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) platform. The course will be convened on 12/10/2017 and end on 01/09/2018. It will uncover tips and techniques to help candidates successfully pass the IELTS exam with a satisfactory band according to ability. A  Certificate of Achievement will be delivered upon completion with an endorsement from King Khalid University and the British Council. Enroll today!

Skill Description

Speaking and writing are referred to as productive skills. A person with good speaking and writing skills will be able to make themselves clear to the addressee(s). A student with poor speaking and writing communication abilities, however, may fail to get their message across to others which necessitates their staying remote from others. In other words, for communication to take place efficiently, there are three pre-requisite conditions: sender of a message, receiver of a message and a means of communication. The sender and receiver of the message are meaningless with no effective means of communication. Academically speaking, no full justice can be done to a test/ an exam with low proficiency in speaking and writing. IELTS is no exception. In short, sound communication skills in speaking and writing are the key to effective communication of all aspects, academically and personally.

Skill Details

An attempt will be made to improve the participants' competence and proficiency in speaking and writing skills in general. Apart from this, they will be exposed to sample IELTS speaking and writing tests. They will also be trained to use right test-taking strategies which should come in handy when sitting an IELTS Test.

Skill Toolkit

Official British Council Toolkit for IELTS preparation materials which include: pdf, ppt, video, and audio files.

What will you Get?

  • Certificate of Achievement stamped by KKU and British Council
  • Joining Virtual Community
  • Supporting PDF files 

Registration & Payment

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Source: KKUx

Date: 11/23/2017