English Club

About Us

The English Club is comprised of high-achieving students who aim to spread awareness and importance of English language learning. Moreover, we aim to strive to construct a positive environment for learning English using different approaches.


To preserve the English Club as an ideal place for students to master English.


To provide high quality educational, social, and recreational programs that enhance the language learning process in a non-conventional way.


1-To instill the passion for learning and mastering English.

2-To deliver useful and enjoyable programs.

3-To create a link between students and the labor market. 

4-To provide opportunities for students to show their talents and support their ideas.


Director of Student Affairs

Mr. Hassan Faya Asiri

English Club President

Mr. Ahmad Al Otaibi

English Club Vice  President

Mr. Haitham Hawi

Contacts & Social Media Pages

Office: Room no. 35/3/A

Cellphone/WhatsApp:  +966591538040

Email: sa_eng_kku@gmail.com

Tweeter: @english_act

Instagram: @english_act

Facebook: FB/english_act1