Standard 4

برنامج دلني

تم تفعيل برنامج دلني بكلية اللغات والترجمة شطر الطالبات خلال ثلاثة ايام، ناقشت فيها الطالبات اهم الظواهر السلبية المنتشرة في المجتمع الجامعي و اثارها وطرق التخلص منها. وقد قد تناول البرنامج السلوك الايجابي من عدة جوانب: نفسية،اجتماعية،فكرية، و تربوية. Date: Fall 2019 Source: Women's English Club

English Club Sponsors Workshop on Figurative Language

  Dr. Ahlullah Siddiqui delivered an interactive presentation on similes, metaphors, and idioms on behalf of the Faculty of Languages and Translation (FLT) and the English Club. The well-attended seminar included many students from the FLT and various other colleges. The purpose of the event was to discuss the importance of figurative language in learning English.   Dr. Siddiqui began by defining the different types of figuratives in the English language. He explained that we use metaphors, similes and idioms to make otherwise dull language or topics more interesting or dramatic. "Figurative language is a way of dressing up plain, everyday English and making it unique and fun. It allows speakers and writers to put their own style into language," he said. Figuratives also make the subject of a conversation or writing more relatable to many people and thereby can enhance understanding through greater clarity. Dr. Siddiqui then discussed other types of figurative language, including hyperbole, irony, etc. He noted that figuratives bring emotion, emphasis and a sense of memorable style or poetry to important concepts or points. "Colourful language provokes thoughts and emotions and adds spice to our language, engaging the audience. I am so happy to be sharing the more esoteric aspects of the English language with all of you. I encourage you all to improve your skills and language abilities continually," he concluded.   After the initial presentation, the audience participated in an exercise that helps explain the differences among various forms of figurative language. The students deciphered the latent meaning in phrases such as "time is money" and "icing on the cake". At the conclusion of the exercise, Dr. Siddiqui and the audience reviewed the figurative language as a group.   Special thanks to English Club Director Mr. Faisal Al Fadhil and the English Club for organizing the event and making this useful event possible.   The Faculty of Languages and Translation is committed to providing world-class language education and empowering the students with the tools to succeed in challenging academic programs. Date: 11/13/2019 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation

FLT Observes World Mental Health Day

  Under the patronage of Assistant Dean, Dr. Salma Alqhtani, the Unit of Advising and Counseling at the female campus observed World Mental Health Day and launched a fabulous exhibition, which began on October 6, 2019, and ended on October 10, 2019.   The Unit organized a rich program to raise students' awareness of mental health in general and 'suicide prevention' in particular. The students shared their amazing arts and participated in a competition for the best three works of art. The exhibition welcomed all mediums of art.   A group of talented students also participated in the mental health campaign and performed a short silent scene inside the classes during the regular time of the lectures. More than 18 classes viewed performance during two periods; the first period from 8 am to 9 am and the second period from 11 am to 12 pm. Their performance was spectacular, and it encouraged other students and even faculty members and staff members to visit and participate in the exhibition. The program spread positive vibes throughout the week and created a safe place for everyone to learn and talk about the epidemic of mental illnesses.   The purpose of the program was to encourage students to express themselves through art. The topic of 'art therapy' was introduced to the students as a way of treatment for mental health issues. For this reason, the activity room was reorganized to serve the program purpose. There were different sections and corners: Awareness Wall, Mural Corner, Feelings Wheel Corner, Table for Creative Writing, Table for Drawing and Painting, and Corner for Educational Films and Videos.   Dr. Khadijah Almuadi, the Assistant Dean of the Advising and Counseling Center, visited the FLT exhibition, along with other members, and praised the effort and organization of the program.   At the end of the week, three winners were nominated by the students and faculty members. They received gift certificates from Jarir Bookstore. Students had a great time last week, and they shared their joyful moments on the hashtags as follows: #سفيراتالتوجيهوالإرشاد_KKU #مركزالإرشادالنفسي_kku #عمادةشؤونالطلاب Date: 10/16/2019 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation