QM Rubric

Keep Teaching: FLT E-Learning Supervisor Delivers University-Wide Webinar on Blackboard

  On March 10, 2020, E-Learning Unit Supervisor, Mohsin Khan, delivered a university-wide workshop titled 'Transformation to Full E-Learning'. The workshop, under the supervision of the Deanship of E-Learning's Training Manager, Mohammed Jarallah, was developed to ensure faculty members, whether they are seasoned experts or first-time users, understand the essentials of posting documents, assignments, quizzes, tests, videos, and discussion boards. Perhaps the most important part of the webinar, which was attended by nearly 200 faculty members, was the in-depth review of the specific features and functionality of Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Ultra.   With the evolving public health situation presented by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), proper precautions were put in place for our teachers at King Khalid University to increase their online teaching presence. "A huge part of your success will be leveraging the technology we have made available to you. Blackboard Collaborate is a synchronous video conferencing tool that you can add files to and share your screen. I recommend that you use the virtual whiteboard to interact," said Mr. Khan. He also looked at both the 'Collaborate: Ultra Experience' and the 'Collaborate: Original Experience'. The main difference between the options – which are both offered – is that 'Ultra' is an entirely web-based interface while 'Original' requires that Java be installed.   As course content, course design, and instructor readiness are essential to implementing the best practices of online pedagogy, Mr. Khan also introduced participants to the eight standards of Quality Matters, which will ensure faculty members achieve the university's goals for delivering quality online learning. This set the foundation for the suggested online classroom model, which places focus on not just the platform, but also interactivity.   Of noteworthy mention, an adapted version of this webinar was delivered to teachers of the English Language Center on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Commenting on future webinars, English Department Chairman, Dr. Munassir Alhamami, said, "We plan to hold a similar webinar this Monday. You will learn best practices, available tools, and where to find support for teaching your classes online. I will be a part of that webinar and highly encourage you to attend."   The Bachelor of Arts in English program at the Faculty of Languages and Translation is committed to providing a supportive organizational climate and academic environment to ensure that teaching and learning strategies are student-centered. Ensuring our students are provided with an active learning environment remains a high priority through continual teaching staff participation in professional and academic development programs. Date: 3/12/2020 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation

Pioneer QM Master Reviewer

Mohsin Khan is the 1st Master Reviewer for Quality Matters at King Khalid University. In addition to serving as a QM Online Facilitator, Peer Reviewer, and E-learning Supervisor for the Faculty of Languages and Translation he delivers workshops which detail the methods behind Applying the QM Rubric. Mr. Khan always strives to assist faculty members and has coached numerous faculty members on how to obtain QM certification for their respective course. Mr. Khan has mentioned that “QM enhances the learning environment for students and teachers alike.” Mr. Khan is no stranger to improving the learning environment for students as he has already received an International QM Certification for the ENG 011 Intensive English Course. The Faculty of Languages and Translation is one of the leading colleges at King Khalid University that strives for E-Learning excellence through the Quality Matters program. Date: 11-2-2016 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation

Implementing the Quality Matters Rubric in E-Courses

On January 1/25/2016 Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, E-Learning Supervisor, conducted a workshop on how to apply the QM rubric in E-courses. The meeting was opened by the Vice Dean for Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Fahad Otaif, who welcomed all participants and highlighted the continued importance that the Faculty of Languages and Translation plays in being a front-runner of QM E-course implementation. The meeting also was also graced by Vice Dean, Dr. Ali Alamir, and Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi who further illustrated the vital importance that the QM rubric plays in E-Course design. The Dean further elaborated on the necessity to increase the amount of interaction with our students and how that positively affects their learning outcomes. The foundation of the workshop focused on the Eight General Standards that need to be implemented in E-courses to meet the rubric standards with the International Quality Matters (QM) Peer Review Board.  The eight topic areas he focused on are listed below. The Eight General Standards: Course Overview and Introduction Learning Objectives (Competencies) Assessment and Measurement Instructional Materials Course Activities and Learner Interaction Course Technology Student Support Accessibility and Usability Mr. Mohsin also covered the various issues of alignment and explained what alignment means in your course. Lastly, he illustrated the various experiences he has obtained as a Certified Master Reviewer with the International Quality Matters(QM) Peer Review Board. Date: 1/25/2016 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam