Blackboard Collaborate™

New Approaches to Building Online Courses in Blackboard

  On February 5, 2020, under the supervision of Vice Dean for Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Abdulrahman Almosa, E-Learning Supervisor, Bachelor of Arts in English program, Mohsin Khan, delivered a university-wide webinar titled 'Using Blackboard to Build Online Courses'. The webinar, organized by the Tamkeen team at the Deanship of E-Learning, aimed to explore the effective use of Blackboard and expose participants to the important tools of Blackboard. Approximately 170 faculty members from the numerous faculties registered for the webinar.   Mr. Khan provided an introduction to and the best practices of: Blackboard course management tools; The Fundamentals of building online courses using the QM Rubric; Creating quizzes, tests and assignments; Using the discussion board, announcement and start here content areas; Creating online sessions using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.   The Faculty of Languages and Translation is dedicated to providing specialized training and services to all faculties. The webinar was an overall success and will continue successively in future webinars as a part of the Tamkeen Team efforts. Special thanks to E-learning Deanship Training Manager, Mohammed Jarallah, for his holistic support. Date: 2/8/2020 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation  

Webinar: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

  A university-wide webinar on the topic of 'Blackboard Collaborate Ultra' was held by FLT E-Learning Supervisor, Mohsin Raza Khan, on Thursday, August 22, 2019, under the supervision of Training Manager at the Deanship of E-Learning, Mohammed Jarallah. In attendance were faculty members from various colleges and locales. Mr. Khan provided some basic instruction for those who were not familiar with King Khalid University's learning management system, Blackboard. Mr. Khan then conducted a training session in which he focused on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a real-time video conferencing tool that allows users to add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact with participants. King Khalid University selected this user-friendly tool that runs in a browser and does not require Java to be installed to help support our students with a world-class communication solution."   Of note, the webinar highlighted differences between Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. The webinar focused on the important features needed to foster collaborative online learning as follows:   Session Menu; Collaborate Panel; Audio/Video Controls; Creating an Online Session; Utilizing the File Sharing, Screen Sharing, and Whiteboard Sharing Tools.   The main goal of the webinar was designed to give participants a quick tour of all the essential features and controls in the user interface. In doing so, participants will effectively be able to improve student learning, engagement, and interaction.   The Deanship of E-Learning in cooperation with the Faculty of Languages and Translation is expanding its educational resources to serve more members of the community and is committed to continuous improvement in all academic programs. E-learning is a vital component of both objectives and an essential educational development tool at the university and other educational institutions throughout the Kingdom.

FLT Delighted to Receive Certificate of Appreciation

The Deanship of E-Learning awarded the Faculty of Languages & Translation by presenting a certificate of appreciation for supporting the Deanship in successfully delivering the eLearning Practitioner Course. Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean, and Dr. Yahya Asiri, Vice Dean, received the certificate. The university-wide eLearning Practitioner Course for faculty members was offered by the Deanship of E-Learning from 25/10/2017 to 09/11/2017. FLT E-Learning Supervisor, Mohsin Raza Khan, delivered the course. The importance of instructional design training and an enhanced learning environment for students is well known to all colleges of the university. It took place as part of a university-wide strategy to provide the knowledge and skills needed to capitalize on one of the fastest growing areas of education while creating captivating learning experiences for students. The primary objectives of the course were to improve student learning, engagement, interaction, and most importantly quality learning. These objectives were solidified by the core foundation of the program that participants would be able to: Create content items to present a variety of learning activities to enhance student learning. Deliver authentic assessments to evaluate student knowledge in a variety of meaningful ways. Use Blackboard communication tools to promote interactions between the student and instructor, the student and course content, and the student and peers. Effectively utilize Blackboard Collaborate™ tools to increase student engagement by providing a means to share and create knowledge. The course was an overall success and will continue on a periodic basis as a part of the developmental projects of the Tamkeen team. Special thanks to Mohammed Jarallah, Training Manager, and Dr. Khaled M. Mohanna, E-Learning Team Manager, for their holistic support. As a final note, Mohsin Raza Khan received a certificate of appreciation by the Deanship of E-Learning for his efforts. Date: 2/4/2018 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation