Short Stories

What is Literature? Why Should we Study It?

On Monday, March 27, 2017, the Language Research Centre, under the supervision of Dr. Ismail Al Refaai, held a seminar. Dr. Haseeb Ahmed talked about the importance of literature in English Language Teaching and Learning. His presentation was titled, What is Literature? Why Should we Study it? Dr. Ahmed emphasized the importance of studying literature. During his presentation, he quoted preeminent poets such as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Sidney, and philosophers like Aristotle and Jean Paul to identify the purpose of literature. Some of them termed literature as a source of delight and pleasure, and some termed literature as a tool serving a political purpose.     Dr. Ahmed concluded that literature helps to express oneself, have access to culture, develop sophisticated sensibility, appreciate beauty, and develop a wider perspective of events. It is worth noting that Al Samer Campus also participated in the seminar through video conferencing. The presentation was worthwhile and engaged the participants on both sides with an interactive discussion.  Date: 03-27-2017 Source: MD Adil Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam

Short Stories – a Source of Learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for Beginners

Dr. Mohammad Osman shared his ideas about how to teach English using short stories in class at the seminar held on April 11, 2016, which was organized by the Language Research Center. His presentation was titled Short Stories – Source of Learning English as a Foreign Language. It dealt with pedagogical implications and applications of short stories for teaching English to beginners. He, while emphasizing the usefulness of using short stories in class, focused on the importance of reading. He tried to show the correlation between reading and academic success by highlighting the fact that a good reader can handle all of the other skills required for language development. The seminar was a great success. Date: 4/11/2016 Source: MD Adil Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam