Indirect Learning Strategies

A Metacognitive and Social Strategy to Improve Content Lecture Comprehension

Dr. Abdul Wahed Al Zumor spoke about the improvement of lecture comprehension in content courses in the English department curriculum at a seminar organized by the Language Research Center of King Khalid University held on November 28, 2016. In his presentation, which was titled A Metacognitive and Social Strategy to Improve Content Lecture Comprehension, he highlighted a recently completed research project he had conducted on how content lectures can be made more comprehensible to learners. He first showed the distinction between direct and indirect strategies, the latter of which involves metacognitive and social strategies. He, while pinpointing some fundamental issues related to learning and teaching at the Faculty of Languages and Translation that requires proper investigation, showed student grade statistics, problems associated with comprehending lectures, and challenges involved relating to students’ perspective.  Through his research study, he illustrated remarkable results that showed students’ attitude towards content lectures, problems with teachers and teaching, and learners’ lack of background knowledge. We are proud to announce that Dr. Al Zumor's research has been accepted for publication as a chapter in a book likely to be published soon by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The session was followed by a very interactive question-answer session. Some of the participants also shared their views on effective lecture comprehension. The seminar was an overall great success.   Date: 11/28/2016 Source: MD Adil