Stress Management

Students on the Academic Time & Stress Train: FLT Teaches How to Stay on Track Without Running out of Steam

  On October 29, 2019, the English Club organized a workshop titled 'Stress and Time Management' delivered by Dr. Karem Abdelatif Ahmed. The purpose of the workshop was to show the students how to manage the effects of stress and maintain high levels of work performance under stressful circumstances.   Academic Guidance Counselor, Dr. Dawood Mahdi, started the event with a speech encouraging the students to attend programs devoted to academic performance enhancement. He recounted his own experiences in managing his personal and academic obligations while in school.   Dr. Ahmed then began his program. He told the students that stressors of one sort or another are inherent in every stage of life. He noted that stress increases with age and increased professional responsibilities. Dr. Ahmed opined that the most important thing about stress is maintaining perspective. That is, not viewing every adverse situation as a crisis. We should strive to do our best to respond to stressful circumstances with diligence and grace, knowing that controlling every outcome is impossible. He also reviewed the unhealthy physical and psychological effects of long-term exposure to heavy stress. In short, he admonished the students to be studious and hard-working and to never forget that they cannot bear the weight of the entire world.   Dr. Ahmed then moved on to the issue of time. He stated that many books and countless hours of effort have gone into studying 'time management'. He noted that there is no such thing as managing time. Time marches relentlessly forward regardless of our needs or desires. Rather, one can only manage their priorities. Dr. Abdullateef stated his strategy: Set both short-term and long-term goals, and reduce them to writing. Set the objectives high, but not unrealistically so and give a target date for each. Make sure that the vast majority of your time is devoted to those goals, and track your progress daily. Avoid those activities that keep you 'busy' on things that are unimportant or frivolous. In short, focus and monitor on that which is truly important so that small daily activities turn into huge accomplishments over the long term.   Near the conclusion of the program, English Club Director Faisal Alfadhil spoke about how students can use the English Club's social media accounts to stay connected. He encouraged the students to join the club's WhatsApp group and connect with their classmates.   The Faculty of Languages and Translation is committed to providing world-class language education and empowering the students with the tools to succeed in challenging academic programs. Date: 10/30/2019 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation