Dr. Alward Receives an Appreciation Letter from the Dean

Dr. Mohammed Alward received an appreciation letter from our Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi‎, for his design of a calculator using Microsoft Excel. Dr. Alward’s calculator has proven to be a time and effort saving tool in producing grade distributions that are necessary for completing course reports. Congratulations to Dr. Mohammed Alward and special thanks to Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi‎ Date: 6/5/2018 Source: Dr. Mohammed Shuaib Assiri

Introduction to Mendeley: A Piece of Reference Management Software for Research Work

Mr. Salahud Din Abdul Rab delivered a presentation on March 28, 2018, at a seminar organized by the Language Research Center of King Khalid University. His presentation was more of a workshop on how to use a software program for research management than simply a seminar. In the presentation titled Introduction to Mendeley: A Software Tool for Management of the Research Work, he highlighted its use and the main features. Salahud Din started with an overview of the program called Mendeley. The program, he said, helps organize research documents and references. It also helps a researcher collaborate with others by joining or creating groups and discovering statistics and recommendations. Salahud Din later showed how to create a free account and set up a library, and explained in detail how Mendeley’s desktop functions. He also showed how it operates on a small device such as an android phone. The presentation also covered how to add documents, save and synchronize them, manage the library, create folders and work on references using this program. The presentation was very informative and overall a great success. Date: 3/30/2018 Source: Mohammad Adil Siddique Multimedia Source: Abdul Qadeer Abdul Hameed