Problem Solving

The Reality of Translation at the FLT Female Campus: Problems & Solutions

In celebration of International Translation Day, the Female Campus held a seminar entitled "Reality Of Translation at the FLT Female Campus, Problems & Solutions" to discuss current issues related to translation and comprehensive solutions to them.The seminar witnessed active participation and large attendance. Nine versatile seminar papers were presented alongside a discussion of the major problems and practical solutions. The seminar started with a prelude by the Activities Coordinator, Mrs.AmatulHafeez Alvi, who cordially welcomed the audience and highlighted the central aspects of the event. After that, lecturers specialized in translation, Mrs.Safia Asiri, Mrs.Amal Metwally, and Ms.Sara Ateeq presented intriguing pieces of work enriching the seminar with their experience. Following that, seminar submissions were presented by M.A. students Roa'a Alshihri and Rana Alqahtani, then B.A. students Nora Nashir (level 7), Hajar Allqahtani (level 3), Manar Alqahtani (level 1) and Raghad Alshahrani (History Department). The Dean's Assistant, Dr. Suad Alqahtani, commented by expressing her happiness with the success of the seminar and gratitude to the Activities Coordinator, Mrs.AmatulHafeez, and the lecturers, as well as the students, who participated in highlighting the importance of Translation. She expressed her strong will to solve the discussed issues and facilitate better teaching and learning of translation.The seminar was concluded by certificates of participation starting with a special thanks to Dr. Afaf Alsaidi for her valuable involvement as a mentor and judge for participant papers. Certificates were awarded to all participants and papers were displayed along with brochures related to the event.The audience expressed their appreciation and need for beneficial events in the college similar to this one to take place in the future. Along with the seminar, a joint translation project was announced in cooperation with the Abha Cooperative Center For Call & Communities,  "I Feel like Somebody Lied to Me" and "Why I Ask People to Become Muslims,"  by Yahya George Maxwell will undergo a series of revisions and translations. Date: 11/7/2017 Source: Office of Relations & Media

TOEFL Training

The English Club hosted an English Hour seminar led by Language Instructor, Hassan Costello. The training session was titled, The 60 TOEFL Structure and Written Expression Skills in 60 Minutes. The seminar covered test-taking strategies, a quick review of practice tests, tips to improving your Academic English, and an in-depth session on the Structure and Written Expression section.  Costello: The TOEFL examination is unique as it forces the students to use multiple skills when answering a single question. No matter whether it’s reading, writing, speaking or listening – all of these are strongly bound by time restrictions. You must be aware of the structure of the test, and focus on achieving the structural requirements within the appropriate time limits. I encourage you to use your power of prediction. The TOEFL test is run on computerized software. Keep in mind there are numerous slides and images that will allow you some extra time for planning and to predict some of the vocabulary of the topic coming up.  Date: 11/11/2015 Source: The Faculty of Languages and Translation