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English Language Teaching Difficulties

The Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship of King Khalid University has concluded a workshop with the College of Languages and Translation. The workshop was titled "English Language Teaching Difficulties" and was presented to the English teachers of in the Asir region. It is important to note that it was attended by more than 30 male teachers and 25 female teachers.   The symposium was presented by the Dean of the College of Languages and Translation, Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi, Vice Dean, Dr. Ali Alamir, in addition to Dr. Ismail Al Refai, Prof. Al Habib Hussien Abdessalam, Prof. Salim bin Dawood, and Dr. Eyhab Badr Al Din. The participants thanked the College of Languages and Translation for this initiative, and they clarified that they are looking forward to more communication in a way that serves the educational process and teaching the English Language as well.  Date: Fall 2016 Source: King Khalid University, Media Center