Second Language Instruction

Communication Skills Workshop

The English Club in coordination with the Deanship of Student Affairs hosted a workshop titled “How to Improve Your English Communication Skills.” The event occurred on February 18, 2015, in Auditorium 6. It was a lively event that drew a crowd of nearly 500.  Hassan Costello, language instructor, covered different topic areas to include: Intrapersonal Communication Interpersonal Communication Small Group Communication Public Communication Costello: Practice will build your accuracy. Accuracy will build your confidence. Confidence will build your fluency. Be patient and make many mistakes. Those mistakes are incredibly valuable learning opportunities! Certificates will be distributed to all workshop attendees in the coming weeks. A vote of thanks goes to Dean Abdullah Al-Melhi for facilitating this event. In addition to all members of the English Club, further recognition goes to the following for making this event a success: Ibrahim Al-Asmari, director of student affairs Abdullah Al-Ahmari, student activities president Yusef Al-Shahrani, professional photographer Saeed Al-Ahmari, professional photographer Date: Spring 2015 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation