Old Program Learning Outcomes

The Program Learning Outcomes below were effective until March 20, 2021.

Old Program Learning Outcomes


K1: Describe key terms related to language and culture and determine some linguistic aspects.
K2: Understand theories in the field of English language.
K3: Recognize speech sounds of English and other languages.


S1: Apply specific terms and theoretical notions to certain contexts.
S2: Analyze and evaluate texts in the field of English language.
S3: Discuss and explain different issues related to literary, linguistic, and translated texts.


C1: Communicate effectively in written and spoken English.
C2: Apply technologies and applications in the field of English language.
C3: Show the ability to have a good rapport with peers and instructors via cultural awareness.


Last updated: 3/21/2021

For any questions, comments, or inquiries: Dr. Fadi Al-Khasawneh, Program Coordinator