The table below displays the contact details of all faculty members. External communication is important to our college, and we hope that it will facilitate external collaboration with you!

Men's Campus Faculty

Name Email Rank Office KKU MySite
Prof. Abdallah Hady Al-Kahtany Professor A/3/145 abalqahtani
Prof. Habib Hussein Abdessalem Professor A/3/129 habdessalem
Prof. Abdullah Mofareh Al-Melhi Associate Professor A/3/120 amalmelhi
Prof. Abdulkhaleq A. S. Al-Qahtani Associate Professor A/3/115 aaalqahtani1
Prof. Abdul Wahed Al-Zumor Associate Professor A/3/131 aalzomr
Prof. Adel Bahameed Associate Professor A/3/131 abahameed
Prof. Merzin Awdah Al-Shahrani Associate Professor FLT mralshahrani
Prof. Michael Hadzantonis Associate Professor A/3/134 dantonis
Prof. Michael Horezeanu Associate Professor A/3/148 horezeanu
Prof. Rafiq Ali Al-Shameri Associate Professor A/3/104 rshmiri
Dr. Abdelhamid Bessaid Assistant Professor A/3/110 amabsaeed
Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Yahya Almosa Assistant Professor A/3/134 almosa
Dr. Ahmad Ismail Assiri Assistant Professor A/3/103 ahassiri
Dr. Ahmad Salman Al-Faifi Assistant Professor A/3/109 asalfefi
Dr. Ali Hussein Alamir Assistant Professor FLT ahalamir
Dr. Basim Hamdan Kanaan Assistant Professor A/3/146 bkanan
Dr. Charles Tracy Forman Assistant Professor A/3/001 chforman
Dr. Dawood Ahmed Mahdi Assistant Professor A/3/106 dmahdi
Dr. Emad Ahmed Al-Tamari Assistant Professor A/3/162 etamari
Dr. Eyhab Abdulrazak Bader Eddin Assistant Professor A/3/130 ealdeen
Dr. Fadi Maher S. Al-Khasawneh Assistant Professor A/3/106 falkhasoneh
Dr. Fahad Ahmed A. Otaif Assistant Professor TBD otaiff
Dr. Hasan Mohammed Jaashan Assistant Professor A/3/104 hmsaleeh
Dr. Ismail Khalil Al-Refaai Assistant Professor A/3/033 ikalrefaai
Dr. Justin Sfariac Assistant Professor A/3/148 isfariac
Dr. Karem Abdullateef Assistant Professor A/3/165 kmohamed
Dr. Khaled Yahya Abumelhah Assistant Professor A/3/107 kyabomelha
Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Radwan Assistant Professor A/3/110 mrdwan
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Ward Assistant Professor A/3/129 mweard
Dr. Mohammed Osman Assistant Professor A/3/108 moothman
Dr. Mohammed Shuaib Assiri Assistant Professor A/3/092 msasiri
Dr. Muhsin Hassan Khan Assistant Professor A/3/157 mhkhan
Dr. Munassir Alhamami Assistant Professor A/3/126 mhamame
Dr. Musa Muhammad Alahmari Assistant Professor A/3/138 alahmari
Dr. Omer Sultan Sayad Assistant Professor A/3/153 sltan
Dr. Saeed Ahmed Shar Assistant Professor A/3/161 sashar
Dr. Saeed Saad Al-Surf Assistant Professor D/4/001 ssalsarf
Dr. Sayed Bilal Kadiri Assistant Professor A/3/131 skadiri
Dr. Sayyed Rashid Ali Shah Assistant Professor A/3/158 sashah
Dr. Yahya Asiri Assistant Professor A/3/122 ymasiri
Dr. Yahya Zeghoudi Assistant Professor A/3/134 yzeghoudi
Mr. Abullah Ali Assiri Lecturer Study Leave asiri1
Mr. Abdullah Ghanim Al-Qarni Lecturer A/3/110 agalqarni
Mr. Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Rezgi Lecturer A/3/138 aialgarni
Mr. Abdulraheem Ibraheem Zakri Lecturer A/3/144 aizkry
Mr. Abdussalam Dhafer Al-Ahmari Lecturer A/3/133 azalahmari
Mr. Abdulateef M Al-Moraye Lecturer A/3/133 amalmrya
Mr. Ahl Allah Saddiqi Lecturer A/3/152 sdege
Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Alsharif Lecturer Study Leave amsharef
Mr. Ali Hasan Alamry Lecturer Study Leave ahamrie
Mr. Ali Mansur Ali Al-Kafeyf Lecturer A/3/144 alkhafef
Mr. Bandar Altaleedi Lecturer Study Leave bhabshan
Mr. Eisa Ahmad Asiri Lecturer Study Leave ealeisa
Mr. Fahad Al-Shehri Lecturer Mahala fahmdan
Mr. Faisal Mohammed Al-Fadhil fa@kku Lecturer A/3/141 fa
Mr. Hamza Muhammad Al Barrak Lecturer A/3/141 hmbrak
Mr. Hashim Ali Asiri Lecturer A/3/101 hassire
Mr. Hassan Faya Asiri Lecturer A/3/133 hfaltawel
Mr. Ibrahim Fayez Alasmari Lecturer Study Leave ifasmary
Mr. Jaber Hassan Altheebi Lecturer Study Leave jaltheby
Mr. Khalid Mater Asiri Lecturer Study Leave kasiri
Mr. Khalid Salman Qasemi Lecturer A/3/141 kgasemi
Mr. Khalid Mohammed Al-Badawi Lecturer A/3/141 kalbdwi
Mr. Md Kafeel Al Deen Fuad Lecturer A/3/155 mkafeel
Mr. Mohammad Adil Siddique Lecturer A/3/156 msedeaq
Mr. Mohammad Taisir Albukaai Lecturer A/3/130 mtalbgaey
Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan Lecturer A/3/147 mokhan
Mr. Naser M Al Hawamdeh Lecturer A/3/142 nalhawamdeh
Mr. Omar Abdullah Basendwah Lecturer Study Leave oasndoh
Mr. Saeed Muhrez Al-Garni Lecturer Study Leave smalqarny
Mr. Salahud Din Abdul Rab Lecturer A/3/157 sabdulrab
Mr. Abdulelah Abdulwahab Dajim Teaching Assistant Study Leave adajim
Mr. Abdullah Al-Ahmari Teaching Assistant Study Leave aalahmare
Mr. Abdulrahman Asiri Teaching Assistant A/3/146 aalsqwyeasiry
Mr. Ali Al-Ahmari Teaching Assistant Study Leave almaalahmari
Mr. Ali Muhammad Al-Kahtani Teaching Assistant Study Leave alimyahya
Mr. Khalid Alessa Asiri Teaching Assistant A/3/131 keasiri
Mr. Mishal Aljaeid Teaching Assistant A/3/131 maljaeid
Mr. Shaher Mohammed Asiri Teaching Assistant Study Leave sshaher
Mr. Abdul Rauf Khan Language Instructor A/3/002 abokhan
Mr. Azaad Hayat Language Instructor A/3/149 ahayat
Mr. Hassan Costello Language Instructor A/3/001 hscostello
Mr. Nasir Mehmood Wazir Language Instructor A/3/152 nawazeer
Mr. Saqub Aftab Language Instructor A/3/149 sakeb

Women's Campus Faculty

Name Email Rank Office KKU MySite
Dr. Suad Muhammad Saeed Nugair Assistant Professor - ssaeed
Dr. Salma Muslih Soai Al-Qahtani Assistant Professor C/2/14 smosleh
Dr. Mona Abdullah Dhafer Al-Shihry Lecturer C/1/31 malshehri
Dr. Shunaifa Muhammad Beeshi Al-Qarni Associate Professor C/3/25 shnifa
Dr. Afaf Ahmad Hasan Al-Saidi Associate professor C/1/24 afaf
Dr. Zahra Ahmad Musfir Mufarih Assistant Professor C/3/10 zmosfer
Dr. Areej Mustafa Bin Husain Assistant Professor C/3/10 ahossyan
Dr. Muzeegha Ahmad Tali Al-Tali Assistant Professor C/3/10 maltale
Dr. Khairiya Ali Abdulrahman Abu-Dadi Assistant Professor C/1/29 kabudadi
Dr. Hala Muhammad Usman Salih Assistant Professor C/1/28 hsaleh
Dr. Wafa Ismaeel Saleem Saud Assistant Professor C/1/26 wesaud
Dr. Rizwana Waheed AbdulWahid Assistant Professor C/1/26 rwaheed
Dr. Oveesa Farooq Assistant Professor C/1/28 ofarog
Dr. Judy Alsaraf - Assistant Professor C/1/28 -
Dr. Eman Eshaq Assistant Professor C/2/10 -
Dr. Nora Zarib Assistant Professor C/2/13 -
Mrs. Banan Hasan Ali Al-Hajjaji Lecturer C/1/28 bal-hajjaji
Mrs. Jaleela Salih Ahmad Al-Ghamdi Lecturer C/1/24 jalilah
Mrs. Khulood Muhammad Al-Harbi Lecturer C/1/23 khalharbi
Mrs. Reem Muhammad Al-Qasmi Lecturer C/1/23 rmasiri
Ms. Sara Abdullah Saeed Al-Ateeq Lecturer C/1/23 sotaig
Ms. Saeeda Hassan Salman Al-Faifi Lecturer C/1/23 shsalman
Mrs. Safia Ali Muhammad Asiri Lecturer C/1/23 sfeyh
Mrs. Abeer Husain Ahmad Al-Abdali Lecturer C/1/23 aalabdali
Ms. Nora Muhammad Oad Al-Qahtani Lecturer C/1/23 norhaw
Ms. Nof Husain Mushabbab Al-Theeb - Lecturer C/1/29 -
Mrs. AmatulHaffez AbdulRaheem Alvi Lecturer C/1/24 aalhfed
Mrs. Amal Abdul Sattar Mutwalli Lecturer C/1/26 aamotwly
Mrs. Anjum Mesho Abdul Razzaq Anas Lecturer - aans
Ms. Tanjena Haleem AbdulHaleem Lecturer C/1/26 thlem
Mrs. Hanan Abdullah Naji Muhammad Lecturer C/1/29 hnaje
Mrs. Rakhshanda Jabeen Shah Zaman Lecturer C/1/28 rshah
Ms. Sanjeeda Haleem AbdulHaleem Lecturer C/1/26 shalem
Mrs. Sharmin Siddique Al-Rahman Lecturer C/1/26 ssdeky
Ms. Aisha Abdul Raheem Alvi Lecturer C/1/24 aalwee
Mrs. Arwa Saeed Ali Abo Ishi Teaching Assistant C/1/28 aaboeshi
Ms. Asma Abdullah Suood Al-Qahtani Teaching Assistant - aabalqahtani
Ms. Asma Mansoor Saeed Al-Ahmari Teaching Assistant C/1/24 asmalahmari
Ms. Amjad Fahad Mesed Al-Lehebi Teaching Assistant - aalliheibi
Ms. Amal Abdulaziz Al-Shehri Teaching Assistant C/1/23 aml
Ms. Kholood Saleh Ahmad Al-Shehri Teaching Assistant C/1/23 khloodsaleh
Ms. Rafeef Hassan Ibrahim Al-Najmi Teaching Assistant C/1/23 rhnajmi
Ms. Sara Abdul Azeez Al-Qahtani Teaching Assistant C/1/24 saeialqahtani
Ms. Abeer Eid Lafi Al-Otibi Teaching Assistant C/1/28 aotaybe
Ms. Fatin Abdulrahman Al-Qahtani Teaching Assistant C/1/29 faali
Ms. Hadeel Ali Aqeel Al-Arqabi Teaching Assistant C/1/23 haqeel
Mrs. Shazia Abdul Majeed Kardar Language Instructor - shakaedae
Ms. Fatin Saeed Muhammad Al-Motawa Lecturer C/1/28 fmotawa
Ms. Hissa Motiq Fahad Al-Beshi - Lecturer - -
Mrs. Fatima Abdullah Saeed Al-Amri Lecturer Study Leave falamri
Mrs. Nada Abdullah Muhammad Al-Qarni - Lecturer Study Leave -
Ms. Nawal Ibrahim Rashid - Lecturer Study Leave -
Ms. Hana Ibrahim Rashid - Lecturer Study Leave -
Ms. Ibtehal Ali Ahmad Al-Asiri Teaching Assistant Study Leave aasiry
Mrs. Aalaa Ali Qasim Al-Sharif Teaching Assistant Study Leave aalshref
Ms. Kheriya Muhammad Abdulhadi Teaching Assistant Study Leave kalbeshri
Ms. Sara Abdullah Muhammad Al-Amri Teaching Assistant Study Leave saamri
Ms. Fatima Hizbullah Al-Sindi Teaching Assistant Study Leave fseandy
Mrs. Mashael Saad Ali Al-Qani - Teaching Assistant Study Leave -
Ms. Nora Nasir Saad Ogran Teaching Assistant Study Leave nnaser

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