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Men's Campus Faculty

# Name Email Rank Office KKU MySite
1 Prof. Abdallah Hady Al-Kahtany Professor A/3/145 abalqahtani
2 Prof. Habib Hussein Abdesslem Professor A/3/129 habdessalem
3 Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi Associate Professor A/3/120 amalmelhi
4 Dr. Abdulkhaleq Al-Qahtani Associate Professor - aaalqahtani1
5 Dr. Abdul Wahed Al-Zumor Associate Professor A/3/104 aalzomr
6 Dr. Adil Bahameed Associate Professor A/3/131 abahameed
7 Dr. Dimitrios Michael Associate Professor A/3/134 dantonis
8 Dr. Fakieh Alrabai Associate Professor - falrabei
9 Dr. Merzin Al-Shahrani Associate Professor - mralshahrani
10 Dr. Mihaita Horezeanu Associate Professor A/3/148 horezeanu
11 Dr. Munassir Alhamami Associate Professor A/3/126 mhamame
12 Dr. Rafeq Al-Shameri Associate Professor A/3/104 rshmiri
13 Dr. Yahya Zeghoudi Associate Professor A/3/134 yzeghoudi
14 Dr. Abdelhamid Bessaid Assistant Professor A/3/110 amabsaeed
15 Dr. Abdulrahman Almosa Assistant Professor A/3/93 almosa
16 Dr. Ahmad Al-Faifi Assistant Professor A/3/109 asalfefi
17 Dr. Ahmad Ismail Assistant Professor A/3/103 ahassiri
18 Dr. Ali Alamir Assistant Professor - ahalamir
19 Dr. Ali Alyaser Assistant Professor - alyaser
20 Dr. Basim Kanaan Assistant Professor A/3/146 bkanan
21 Dr. Dawood Mahdi Assistant Professor A/3/114 dmahdi
22 Dr. Emad Al-Tamari Assistant Professor A/3/162 etamari
23 Dr. Eyhab Abdulrazak Assistant Professor A/3/130 ealdeen
24 Dr. Fadi Al-Khasawneh Assistant Professor A/3/98 falkhasoneh
25 Dr. Fahad Otaif Assistant Professor A/3/153 otaiff
26 Dr. Hasan Jaashan Assistant Professor A/3/98 hmsaleeh
27 Dr. Ismail Alrefaai Assistant Professor A/3/138 ikalrefaai
28 Dr. Iustin Sfariac Assistant Professor A/3/148 isfariac
29 Dr. Karem Abdelatif Ahmed Assistant Professor A/3/165 kmohamed
30 Dr. Khalid Abu Melha Assistant Professor A/3/107 kyabomelha
31 Dr. Mahmoud Radwan Assistant Professor A/3/110 mrdwan
32 Dr. Mohammed Al-Ward Assistant Professor A/3/129 mweard
33 Dr. Mohammed Osman Assistant Professor A/3/147 moothman
34 Dr. Mohammed Shuaib Assistant Professor A/3/164 msasiri
35 Dr. Muhsin Hassan Khan Assistant Professor A/3/157 mhkhan
36 Dr. Musa Al-Ahmari Assistant Professor A/3/105 alahmari
37 Dr. Omer Sultan Assistant Professor A/3/156 sltan
38 Dr. Saeed Al-Surf Assistant Professor - ssalsarf
39 Dr. Saeed Shar Assistant Professor A/3/161 sashar
40 Dr. Sayed Bilal Kadiri Assistant Professor A/3/131 skadiri
41 Dr. Sayyed Rashid Ali Shah Assistant Professor A/3/158 sashah
42 Dr. Yahya Asiri Assistant Professor A/3/122 ymasiri
43 Mr. Abdullah Al-Rezgi Lecturer A/3/89 (B) aialgarni
44 Mr. Abdullah Ghanim Lecturer Study Leave agalqarni
45 Mr. Abdulsalam Al-Ahmari Lecturer A/3/133 azalahmari
46 Mr. Abdulatif Al-Moraye Lecturer A/3/133 amalmrya
47 Mr. Ahl Allah Saddiqi Lecturer A/3/152 sdege
48 Mr. Ahmad Sharif Lecturer Study Leave amsharef
49 Mr. Ali Alamri Lecturer Study Leave ahamrie
50 Mr. Ali Mansur Lecturer A/3/144 alkhafef
51 Mr. Faisal Al-Fadhil Lecturer A/3/141 fa
52 Mr. Hashim Asiri Lecturer Study Leave hassire
53 Mr. Ibrahim Al-Asmari Lecturer Study Leave ifasmary
54 Mr. Khalid Al-Badawi Lecturer A/3/144 kalbdwi
55 Mr. Khalid Al-Qasemi Lecturer A/3/141 kgasemi
56 Mr. Khalid Mater Lecturer Study Leave kasiri
57 Mr. Mohammad Adil Lecturer A/3/156 msedeaq
58 Mr. Mohammad Taisir Lecturer A/3/130 mtalbgaey
59 Mr. Mohammad Fuad Lecturer A/3/155 mkafeel
60 Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan Lecturer A/3/97 mokhan
61 Mr. Nasser Al-Hawamdeh Lecturer A/3/142 nalhawamdeh
62 Mr. Omar Basendwah Lecturer Study Leave oasndoh
63 Mr. Saeed Muhrez Lecturer Study Leave smalqarny
64 Mr. Salahud Din Abdul Rab Lecturer A/3/157 sabdulrab
65 Mr. Abdul Rauf Khan Language Instructor A/3/002 abdulrauf
66 Mr. Azaad Hayat Language Instructor A/3/149 ahayat
67 Mr. Hassan Costello Language Instructor LEP hscostello
68 Mr. Nasir Wazir Language Instructor A/3/152 nawazeer
69 Mr. Saqub Aftab Language Instructor A/3/149 sakeb
70 Mr. Abdulelah Dajem Teaching Assistant Study Leave adajim
71 Mr. Abdullah Al-Ahmari Teaching Assistant A/3/146 aalahmare
72 Mr. Abdullah Asiri Teaching Assistant Study Leave asiri1
73 Mr. Abdulraheem Zakri Teaching Assistant A/3/101 aizkry
74 Mr. Abdulrahman Asiri Teaching Assistant A/3/146 aalsqwyeasiry
75 Mr. Ali Al-Ahmari Teaching Assistant Study Leave almaalahmari
76 Mr. Ali Al-Qahtani Teaching Assistant A/3/133 alimyahya
77 Mr. Bandar Altaleedi Teaching Assistant Study Leave bhabshan
78 Mr. Eisa Asiri Teaching Assistant Study Leave ealeisa
79 Mr. Fahad Al-Shehri Teaching Assistant Mahala fahmdan
80 Mr. Hassan Faya Teaching Assistant A/3/133 hfaltawel
81 Mr. Khalid Alessa Asiri Teaching Assistant Study Leave keasiri
82 Mr. Mishal Aljaeid Teaching Assistant A/3/131 maljaeid
83 Mr. Shaher Abu Sallam Teaching Assistant Study Leave sshaher

Women's Campus Faculty 

# Name Email Rank Office KKU MySite
1 Prof. Najat Busabaa          Professor C/3/31(3) nbusabaa
2 Dr. Afaf Alsaedi Associate Professor C/3/31(3) afaf
3 Dr. Mazeegha Al Tale' Associate Professor C/3/31(2) maltale
4 Dr. Shunaifa Al-Qarni Associate Professor C/3/25 shnifa
5 Dr. Areej Asiri Assistant Professor C/3/6(2) ahossyan
6 Dr. Eman Al-Zaanin Assistant Professor C/3/31(1) ealzaanin
7 Dr. Hala Saleh Assistant Professor C/3/31(3) hsaleh
8 Dr. Hana Ibraheem Assistant Professor C/1/28 hrashed
9 Dr. Khairyah Abu Dady Assistant Professor C/3/31(2) kabudadi
10 Dr. Mona Al-Shehri Assistant Professor C/3/31(2) malshehri
11 Dr. Nada Al-Qarni Assistant Professor C/1/23 ndaa
12 Dr. Nawal Ibraheem Assistant Professor C/1/23 nalhdithi
13 Dr. Noura Zareb Assistant Professor C/3/6(2) norhz
14 Dr. Salma Alqahtani Assistant Professor C/1/32 smosleh
15 Dr. Sara Huseynova Assistant Professor C/1/24 shuseynova
16 Dr. Sheila Simpkins Assistant Professor C/1/24 ssimpkins
17 Dr. Suaad Al-Qahtani Assistant Professor C/3/25 ssaeed
18 Dr. Wafa Saud Assistant Professor C/3/31(3) wesaud
19 Dr. Zahraa Al-Qahtani Assistant Professor C/3/31(3) zmosfer
20 Mrs. Abeer Alabdali Lecturer C/1/23 aalabdali
21 Mrs. Alaa Ali Lecturer C/1/23 aalshref
22 Dr. Amal Metwally Lecturer C/3/31(3) aamotwly
23 Mrs. Anjum Misho Lecturer C/1/23 aans
24 Mrs. Arwa Saeed Lecturer C/3/23 aaboeshi
25 Mrs. Banan Al-Hajaji Lecturer C/1/23 balhajaji
26 Mrs. Fatima Abdullah Lecturer C/1/23 fseandy
27 Mrs. Fatima Al-Amri Lecturer C/1/23 falamri
28 Mrs. Fatin Al-Qahtani Lecturer C/3/31(2) faali
29 Mrs. Hadeel Ali Lecturer C/2/25 haqeel
30 Mrs. Hanan Naji Lecturer C/2/31(2) hnaje
31 Mrs. Hessa Al-Beeshi Lecturer C/1/23 halbeshi
32 Mrs. Ibtehal Asiri Lecturer C/1/23 aasiry
33 Mrs. Jalila Al-Ghamdi Lecturer C/3/6(2) jalilah
34 Mrs. Mashael Al-Qani Lecturer C/1/23 mmoshbb
35 Mrs. Nouf Al-Deeb Lecturer C/3/31(2) nalzeeb
36 Mrs. Noura Al-Qahtani Lecturer C/1/23 norhaw
37 Mrs. Noura Al-Qahtani - Lecturer C/1/23 -
38 Mrs. Reem Asiri Lecturer C/1/23 rmasiri
39 Mrs. Saeeda Al-Faifi Lecturer C/1/23 shsalman
40 Mrs. Safia Asiri Lecturer C/1/23 sfeyh
41 Mrs. Sanjida Haleem Lecturer C/1/24 shalem
42 Mrs. Sara Abdullah Lecturer C/1/23 sotaig
43 Mrs. Sara Al-Amri Lecturer C/3/23 saamri
44 Mrs. Sharifa Asiri Lecturer C/3/31(3) shamassiri
45 Mrs. Tanzina Haleem Lecturer C/1/24 thlem
46 Mrs. Abeer Al-Otaibi Teaching Assistant C/1/23 aalabdali
47 Mrs. Aisha Al-Maqsoodi Teaching Assistant C/1/23 aalmqsoode
48 Mrs. Amal Al-Shehri Teaching Assistant C/1/23 aml
49 Mrs. Amjad Fahd Teaching Assistant C/1/23 aalliheibi
50 Mrs. Areej Mesfer Teaching Assistant C/1/23 aalmsfer
51 Mrs. Asma Al-Ahmari Teaching Assistant C/3/31(3) asmalahmari
52 Mrs. Asma Al-Qahtani Teaching Assistant C/3/6(2) aabalqahtani
53 Mrs. Khairyah Al-Beshri Teaching Assistant C/1/23 kalbeshri
54 Mrs. Khlood Al-Shehri Teaching Assistant C/1/24 ksalshehri
55 Mrs. Maram Al-Malki Teaching Assistant Activity Room maslalmalki
56 Mrs. Noura Naser Teaching Assistant C/1/23 nnaser
57 Mrs. Rafeef Al-Najmi - Teaching Assistant C/3/23 -
58 Mrs. Sabreen Hakami Teaching Assistant C/3/31(3) salhakami
59 Mrs. Sara Al-Qahtani Teaching Assistant C/1/23 saeialqahtani

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