The Language Research Center


Attaining excellence across the Arab World in scientific research in the field of linguistic studies.


Achieving excellence in linguistic research.

Overview of the Center

The Language Research Center (LRC) shoulders the responsibility of bridging an enormous gap in language and translation studies through its various units. The LRC's role is not confined to the university level; rather it goes far beyond to cover regional and national levels. This need has emerged as a result of the high impact that such studies and research have on raising the awareness of the vital role language holds in the different fields of education, literature, and economics.


​​Our goals include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing a stable relationship between researchers and research-supporting bodies inside and outside the university;
  • Defining beneficiary organizations that benefit from our research, consultative, and scientific cadres;
  • Providing technical and administrative support to researchers;
  • Connecting researchers with their peers in other universities and cooperation means among them;
  • Assembling and documenting all materials possible that fall into the LRC's interest and embarking on conducting research on new fields in-demand;
  • Participating in developing the currently-adopted research methodologies;
  • Holding seminars, workshops, and symposia;
  • Staging such events as book fairs in cooperation with concerned authorities inside and outside the university;
  • Conducting studies on the role of the faculty and its programs and suggesting means for development;
  • Taking part in developing and evaluating the college curricula;
  • Providing scientific and vocational consultancy to bodies interested in benefiting from the LRC’s capabilities;
  • Holding training sessions for the teaching staff in the area of education and academic research methodology;
  • Establishing electronic and hard-copy documents to be used by teachers in research and teaching;
  • Linking up the center with other similar centers both regionally and worldwide.

Units of the Center

Publications Unit

This unit is concerned with the process of publishing the LRC’s scientific production in the different scientific fields.

Consultation & Training Unit

This unit is concerned with:

  1. Supervising academic and training sessions;
  2. Holding symposia and scientific forums to meet the community's and university's needs in the field of the LRC’s specialization;
  3. Providing the necessary consultation to the bodies seeking guidance in the LRC’s research and scientific fields.

Technical Assistance & Database Unit

This unit is concerned with:

  1. Gathering, documenting and organizing the LRC’s data and statistics;
  2. Creating an integrated database to include the teaching staff’s scientific production and making it available on an as-needed basis;
  3. Creating a researcher database listing featuring their areas of interest;
  4. Providing technical assistance to researchers.

Translation Unit

This unit is concerned with translation-related research and studies in addition to facilitating translation projects conducted by the LRC. This unit also provides translation training sessions.

Language Planning Unit

This unit is concerned with language planning-related research studies. It is also concerned with the role of language in all areas of civic life and public discourse.

Linguistic Research and Studies Unit

This unit sheds light on language-related studies regarding:

  1. Structural and functional nature;
  2. Methodologies and curricula;
  3. Literature;
  4. Language acquisition and learning theories.

Administrative Structure

Last reviewed: 1/1/2019

Source: Dr. Ismail Khalil Al-Refaai, Language Research Center Director