E-Learning Unit

Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan


Office No. A/3/147

Office Phone: 017-241-7610

Email: mokhan@kku.edu.sa

Vision & Mission:

The E-Learning Unit’s vision can be summarized in contributing effectively to enable both faculty and students to fulfill their changing needs and aspirations through E-Learning.

The E-Learning Unit’s mission is to enable both faculty and students in the Faculty of Languages and Translation to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction through E-Learning.

As part of the strategic plan for E-Learning in KKU, the following objectives have been set according to the vision and needs.


  • Availability of E-learning for all.
  • Enable faculty and students to develop, share, and reuse learning resources.
  • Optimal use of e-learning tools to help solve problems and meet the needs of the College.
  • To contribute to raising the overall assessment among university faculties both internally and externally.
  • Application of international quality standards (QM) for online courses.
  • Create an electronic identity for the College to serve the educational process.