A debate competition was organized by Faculty of Languages and Translation which was held on April 13, 2016. The topic was Excessive Use of Technology has Paralyzed Humans in Many Ways.  The debaters who spoke for the motion were Muhammad Salem Ashahri, Abdur Rahim Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Aweed Al Amari, Mohammad Ali Al Qahtani and Abdullah Ali Al Qahtani. They put emphasis on the word ‘excessive.' They pointed out that they were not against technology, only its excessive use. Those who were against the motion were Musab Mohammad Al Shadah, Fahad Mohammad Asiri, Yasser Ali Al Shahrani, Omer Mohammad Jama and Khalid Amer Alshehri. They focused on our dependence on technology in our real life.  They emphasized that without technology we are almost helpless. Both the teams came up with interesting ideas.

Although the team for the motion won the competition, the best speaker was Khalid Amer Al Shehri, who was the leader of the team against the motion.

There was a panel of judges comprising two members – Mr. Willem D. Jager and Mr. Mathew Paul, who skillfully and meticulously evaluated the debaters’ performance and decided on the winner. 

Dr. Fahad Otaif, in his speech, talked about their performance and how to improve it. He shared his views on the excessive use of technology.

The occasion was also graced by Dr. Mutab Al Qarni, Chairman of the Department of English, who, in his concluding speech, talked about the importance of such an extracurricular activity and how it helped to improve English. He praised the debaters pointing out the fact that they had spoken exceptionally well although the topic was slightly challenging for them.  

Dr. Mohammad Osman headed the organizing committee. The other team members were Dr. Nurul Islam, Dr. Nisar Ahmed Koka, Mr. Mohammad Adil, Dr. Omer Sultan, Dr. Basim Kanaan, and Mr. Salahuddin Abdul Rab who spent more than a month training the debaters. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Khalid Mater, in cooperation with English Club, coordinated his efforts in arranging prizes and certificates for the debaters and the judges. All the members of English Club also worked hard during the event to make it a success.

Overall, the debate was a great success.

Date: 4/13/2016

Source: MD Adil, Event Anchor

Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam 

Under the supervision of the Dean of Student Affairs, the Vice Presidency of Student Affairs (Women's Campus) arranged an informational social media event in cooperation with the Faculty of Languages and Translation.The event, Use it Right, was held on Wednesday Safar 26th 1439H. The event aimed at creating awareness and training college students on the appropriate use of Social Media Platforms.The campaign was enjoyable and included refreshments alongside informational brochures. A program was presented in which Mrs. Amatul Hafeez from the Faculty of Languages and Translation presented a poem and engaged the attendees in an active roleplay illustrating the socio-legal dangers caused by the flagrant abuse of Social Media Platforms.The program ended with a song named "Use it Right." Date: 11/19/2017 Source: Relations & Media Center
In the inauguration of its events and activities of the present academic year,  the Scientific Research Committee of the Female Campus held a seminar entitled "Interaction between Literature and Other Disciplines" presented by the Dean's Assistant, Dr. Suaad Al-Qahtani. The seminar witnessed large attendance and enthusiastic participation on the part of staff members in the department. The seminar started with a welcoming note by the Scientific Research Committee Coordinator, Ms.Amal Metwally, who welcomed the audience and thanked Dr. Suaad Al-Qahtani for the time and support she always gives to the committee. Following this welcoming note, Dr. Suaad started her seminar. The topics took the audience through a journey where they explored not only literature but also language, culture, race, gender, and psychology.  The presentation was mainly an investigation of Elif Shafak's Black Milk: On the Conflicting Demands of Writing and Motherhood. Elif Shafak (1971) is an award-winning novelist and one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary literature in both Turkey and England. The paradox of the title as well as the message of the book which is "funny" though "painful" brought a lot to the discussion. Elif Shafak believed that "to be human…means to live with an orchestra of conflicting voices and mixed emotions." Similarly, in her discussion, Dr. Suaad highlighted the fact that it is not only about motherhood. All human beings, men or women, have this struggle with conflicting roles in life. The discussion was enriched with the participation of all members in answering the question that was posed earlier by the Turkish writer, Adalet Agaoglu: “Do you think a woman could manage motherhood and a career at the same time and equally well?” The same question was posed again by Dr. Suaad. The discussion of the question, as well as the topic in general, was an excellent opportunity to reflect on the different roles and struggles of men and women in finding themselves. Finally, the Dean's Assistant, Dr. Suaad Al-Qahtani, expressed her happiness with the success of the seminar and gratitude to the Scientific Research Committee Coordinator, Ms.Amal Metwally, and the members of the committee Ms.Shanjida Halim and Ms.Tanzina Halim, as well as the attendees, who participated in the discussion and enriched the seminar with their viewpoints. The seminar was concluded by presenting a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Suaad Al-Qahtani for her participation in this event of the Scientific Research Committee. In the end, Dr. Suaad encouraged all members to participate in the seminars and events of the committee to enhance and enrich their scientific and professional development.  Date: 11/17/2017 Source: Ms. Amal Metwally
The Faculty of Languages and Translation hosted a group of high performing students from Al Manaahal Intermediate School at its main campus on November 13th. Students, along with their teacher, had the opportunity to take part in a personalized guided tour of the campus by the Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, the Vice Dean, Dr. Yahya Asiri, and the Chairman, Dr. Munassir Alhamami. Visiting students were provided with an in-depth understanding of the University's offerings in general and the FLT in particular coupled with a comprehensive tour of the English Club, IELTS Center, LEP, and the Listening Labs. Following after, an inverse Q&A session took place in conference room A/3/151 where students had the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer conversations and engage the faculty with questions about the University and student life. "You're the future of this great nation. I encourage you to learn English! It is an international language that you will need regardless of your major," said Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean. Correspondingly, Dr. Munassir Alhamami and Dr. Yahya Asiri encouraged the students to aim high in their studies and indicated that attending King Khalid University is a step in the right direction for their future.   Date: 11/14/2017 Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation Multimedia Contribution: MD Sirajul Islam
In celebration of International Translation Day, the Female Campus held a seminar entitled "Reality Of Translation at the FLT Female Campus, Problems & Solutions" to discuss current issues related to translation and comprehensive solutions to them.The seminar witnessed active participation and large attendance. Nine versatile seminar papers were presented alongside a discussion of the major problems and practical solutions. The seminar started with a prelude by the Activities Coordinator, Mrs.AmatulHafeez Alvi, who cordially welcomed the audience and highlighted the central aspects of the event. After that, lecturers specialized in translation, Mr.Safia Asiri, Mrs.Amal Metwally, and Ms.Sara Ateeq presented intriguing pieces of work enriching the seminar with their experience. Following that, seminar submissions were presented by M.A. students Roa'a Alshihri and Rana Alqahtani, then B.A. students Nora Nashir (level 7), Hajar Allqahtani (level 3), Manar Alqahtani (level 1) and Raghad Alshahrani (History Department). The Dean's Assistant, Dr. Suad Alqahtani, commented by expressing her happiness with the success of the seminar and gratitude to the Activities Coordinator, Mrs.AmatulHafeez, and the lecturers, as well as the students, who participated in highlighting the importance of Translation. She expressed her strong will to solve the discussed issues and facilitate better teaching and learning of translation.The seminar was concluded by certificates of participation starting with a special thanks to Dr. Afaf Alsaidi for her valuable involvement as a mentor and judge for participant papers. Certificates were awarded to all participants and papers were displayed along with brochures related to the event.The audience expressed their appreciation and need for beneficial events in the college similar to this one to take place in the future. Along with the seminar, a joint translation project was announced in cooperation with the Abha Cooperative Center For Call & Communities,  "I Feel like Somebody Lied to Me" and "Why I Ask People to Become Muslims,"  by Yahya George Maxwell will undergo a series of revisions and translations. Date: 11/7/2017 Source: Office of Relations & Media
Dr. Omer Sultan delivered a presentation at a seminar organized by the Language Research Center of King Khalid University held on November 08, 2017. His presentation was about his Ph.D. thesis, which was titled Reconstruction of the Colonial and Postcolonial Paradigms: A Study of the Major Works of Chinua Achebe. The aim of Dr. Omer’s study, he mentioned, was to view the recent history of Nigeria through the prism of traditional values, mores, and cultural ethos to explore colonial and postcolonial hegemonies. His study included four significant novels by internationally renowned author Chinua Achebe for analysis. Dr. Omer Sultan: Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. Dr. Omer emphasized that reconstruction of one’s identity is the prerogative of those whose ingenuity is related to its culture and mores, which, he said, had been jeopardized. The present study, he added, had evinced great enthusiasm in debunking the colonial paradigms and at the same time reconstructing the identity of his community. His study, Dr. Omer concluded, raised specific questions at the outset about the legitimacy of Reconstruction of the Colonial and Postcolonial Paradigms. The answers paved the way for a new understanding of four novels with a particular focus on the themes of the study of language and recognition. He concluded that Achebe vividly demonstrates the relationship between language and identity and the consequences that affect the sensibility of the colonizer and colonized. The King Abdullah Road Women's College also participated in this seminar online. The presentation was very interactive and overall a great success.   Date: 11/8/2017 Source: MD Adil Multimedia Contribution: Sayed Karim