Adventures with the English Club

The KKU English Club recently organized an exciting and informative trip to Makkah and Jeddah. The students took part in a full program of activities while visiting a variety of locations and institutions.

The highlights of the trip included:

  • Visiting Makkah and performing Umrah
  • Viewing the project in Makkah called "Assalam Alik Ayoha Annabi" (PBUH)
  • Touring King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah
  • Visiting Kaust's "Museum of Science & Technology in Islam."
  • Participating in a variety of educational & entertaining programs

All KKU students are eligible to join the English Club and are cordially invited to find out more about the Club and participate in the Club’s activities. 

Date: Spring 2015

Source: Faculty of Languages and Translation

Multimedia Contribution: English Club

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On April 25, 2018, the Department of English at the Faculty of Languages and Translation organized a farewell party in honor of the faculty members who are leaving. The ceremony began with a welcome speech by Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation. He praised all the departing faculty members who had made a substantial contribution to the college with their sincerity and dedication. Dr. Al-Melhi expressed his mixed feeling of sadness and happiness. “Though we are sad, at the same time we are happy that you will be meeting your original family. You will reunite with your family, which is very important,” said Dr. Al-Melhi while encouraging the departing faculty members. He emphasized that change is part of life and opens new opportunities and possibilities. The college, Dr. Al-Melhi said, would always remember them for the profound impact they made. One of the departing faculty members, Mr. Muhammad Saiful Islam, later delivered a speech on behalf of the rest. He shared the pleasant memories associated with his teaching experience over the past ten years in the Faculty of Languages and Translation. He talked about the amazing teacher-student relationship at KKU and praised his Saudi colleagues as well as those of his and other nationalities. “Our Saudi faculty members here are amazing hosts, amazing people, very considerate, very kind. I always felt that I was staying in my own country”, said Mr. Islam. He thanked the college for accepting him and giving him the privilege to teach here. At the close of the ceremony, the faculty members who are leaving were honored with certificates. The departing faculty members were Dr. Mohammed Amin Mekheimer, Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz Abbasi, Dr. Haseeb Ahmed Abdul Majeed, Dr. Manoj Kumar Yadav, Mr. Muhammad Saiful Islam, Mr. Mohammad Sherajul Islam, Mr. Weatherford Braden Thomson, Mr. Shamsur Rab Khan, Mr. Rehan Khan, Mr. Md Shahrear Talukder, Mr. Matthew Paul and Mr. Gavin Phillip Louch. Date: 4/30/2018 Source: Mr. Mohammad Adil Siddique
The 13th Annual Research Day was held on April 04, 2018 under the supervision of the Dean, Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, and the Director of the Language Research Center, Dr. Ismail Al-Refaai. This event successfully achieved 3rd place according to the evaluation made by the Deanship of Scientific Research, King Khalid University. This success was the result of dedicated efforts made by the members of the organizing committee led by Dr. Abdullah M. Al Melhi and Dr. Ismail Al-Refaai. The committee members included Erich Beer, Javed Ahmed, Mohammad Adil Siddique, Mohammad Sherajul Islam, Sayed Karim, Salahud Din Abdul Rab, and Shahrear Talukder from the male campus. From the female campus, Amal Abdelsattar Metwally and Ivy Sultana exceptionally organized and coordinated the event. In total, there were 17 oral presentations and 10 poster displays. Date: 4/27/18 Source: Mohammad Adil Siddique & Salahud Din Abdul Rab
On April 25, 2018, the Language Research Center of King Khalid University organized a seminar that included a presentation by Dr. Mohammad Osman titled Humor is Mark Twain’s Fiction. Dr. Osman’s presentation highlighted the way humor was expressed in Mark Twain’s fiction. His presentation commenced with a brief introduction to the author with a Hemingway (1935) quote – “All modern American Literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn.” He stated the fact that Twain’s style had a profound impact on American literature. Dr. Osman also explained the difference between humor and satire. Humor, he said, provokes laughter and provides amusement. Satire, he added, ridicules vices, abuses, and highlights shortcomings through sarcasm. Twain’s humor was expressed through his hilarious characters, dialogs, events, and words he chose, said Dr. Osman. He concluded that Twain is usually remembered as perhaps the most celebrated writer in all of American Literature. That's how he was mainly valued in his day, and that's how he tends to be valued today as well. After the seminar, there was a Certificate Award Ceremony in which all the seminar presenters of the academic year 1438-39 were honored with certificates. Date: 4/26/2018 Source: Mr. Mohammad Adil Siddique
The English Club at the Women's College of the Faculty of Languages and Translation held a motivational program titled "Steps" on Monday, 24/6/1439 from 10 am to 11 am. The program consisted of four parts; the first part was hosted by two faculty members where they spoke about their academic life as a student and the experiences they had on the way to success. This was followed by Shoura Council Member, Professor Nora Al-Shaalan, who played an inspirational video that illustrated the expected role students should play in the Faculty of Languages and Translation in support of the role, position, and status of Saudi women locally and globally. Afterward, a presentation of short video clips depicting the daily routines of two distinguished students from the Faculty of Health and the College of Languages and Translation were displayed. In that video, the students talked about the essential secrets of their success and academic excellence. The program concluded with the active participation of faculty members and students opening envelopes placed under their seats, reading inspirational content, and commenting with a compelling story of their own. Date:24/6/1439 Source: Media & Public Relations Office
The English Club at the Women's College of the Faculty of Languages and Translation held a program titled "For a Better Life." The program was conducted in collaboration with the Gold's Gym Women's Club in Abha. In her opening remarks, Assistant Dean, Dr. Suad Al-Qahtani, urged students to engage in physical exercise to improve their overall health. Dr. Al-Qahtani mentioned that students who engage in fitness activities usually have better time management skills and research has shown that this leads to better academic performance. Following after, personal trainers from Gold's Gym delivered a presentation detailing the benefits of regular physical activity. At the end of the event, temporary memberships were distributed to all students by the personal trainers. Date:18/4/2018 Source: Media & Public Relations Office